America and Taliban held first talks, each other’s ‘archaic enemies’, know on which issues both sides discussed

एक-दूसरे के 'कट्टर दुश्मन' अमेरिका और तालिबान ने की पहली वार्ता, जानें दोनों पक्षों ने किन मुद्दों पर की बातचीत

Mullah Amir Khan Muttaki, Acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan

Senior Taliban officials and US representatives have discussed opening a new page in relations between their countries as well as starting talks in Qatar. This was informed by the acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, Mullah Amir Khan Muttaqi. The in-person meetings, which began on Saturday in Doha, are the first since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in August. The Taliban have returned to power after the end of the 20-year war.

Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister Mullah Amir Khan Muttaki said the focus of the Afghan delegation was on humanitarian aid. At the same time, the focus was also on the agreement signed by the Taliban with Washington last year. Under this agreement, the way for American withdrawal was opened. The minister said the Afghan delegation asked the US to lift sanctions on Afghanistan’s central bank reserves. He said that the US will offer the Afghan people a vaccine against COVID-19.

There was no talk to recognize the government

The Taliban delegation is also going to meet representatives of the European Union. A US State Department spokesman said on Friday evening that the talks were not about recognizing the Taliban as leaders of Afghanistan or recognizing the government as legitimate, but a continuation of practical dialogue on issues of national interest to the US. . Ever since the Taliban took power, the Islamic State, ISKP (ISIS-K) in Khorasan Province has intensified attacks on the Taliban as well as ethnic and religious minorities.

Taliban will not join America in the fight against Islamic State

Under the US-Taliban agreement of 2020 signed by the Trump administration, the Taliban was demanded to sever its ties with terrorist groups and guarantee that Afghanistan will not again harbor terrorists who come to the US. And can attack his allies. Before the talks, the Taliban made it clear that it would not take the help of US security forces to fight ISKP in Afghanistan. At the same time, the US was warned that no attack should be done on Afghan territory from outside the borders of the country.

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