Aliens are ‘calling’ from outside the solar system! Mysterious signals coming from 19 stars, found evidence of the existence of planets

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Aliens (sign picture)

Astronauts have detected signals coming from 19 distant stars outside the Solar System through the world’s most powerful radio antenna. These signals suggest that there may be hidden planets. According to the team from the University of Queensland, all the signals are coming from Red Dwarf Stars located 165 light-years away from Earth. Four of these signals are such that it is believed that there is a presence of planets. Regarding these planets, it is believed that alien life can exist here.

The team, including experts from the Dutch National Observatory, used the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) powerful radio telescope located in the Netherlands. Observations of our solar system tell astronomers that planets emit powerful radio waves as their magnetic fields interact with the solar winds. “This is the first time that astronomers have been able to detect radio waves from an exoplanet and it is an important step forward for radio astronomy,” the team said.

New techniques for the discovery of stars other than the Sun will be born

Astronomers cannot tell the size of the suspected planets or whether they are habitable. These signals are similar to those seen when Jupiter interacts with the Solar Wind. The study’s lead author, Dr Benjamin Pope, said the signal results could lead to new techniques in the search for worlds orbiting stars other than our own Sun. Prior to this, astronomers had been able to detect only the closest stars in stable radio emission, such as Proxima Centauri, which is only four light-years away.

Now a new chapter of Radio Astronomy will open

Everything else in the radio sky was exotica like interstellar gas, or black holes. But detecting radio signals from distant stars will open a new chapter in radio astronomy as a means of finding planets orbiting those stars, according to the team. The researchers focused on red dwarf stars, which are much smaller than the Sun and known to have intense magnetic activity. Study author Dr Joseph Collingham of Leiden University said the team believes these signals are coming from the magnetic connection of stars and unseen orbiting planets.

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