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After all, why is the government of this country raining bombs from the sky in its own area? Thousands of people including children died, America protested

Ethiopian army launched an airstrike on Tigray (Airstrike on Ethiopia Tigray Region)

Ethiopia Tigray Conflict Today: For the second time on Sunday, the army of the African country of Ethiopia launched an airstrike on the country’s Tigray region. The government has given this information while issuing a bye. Here bombs were rained from the sky on the rebel-held western region (Ethiopia Tigray Dispute). This is happening for the eighth time in the last one week, when the army had to drop bombs here. “Today’s (Mai Tsebri) airstrike was carried out on the Western Front, which serves as a training and military command post for the terrorist group TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front),” government spokesman Selamavit Kasa said in a statement. .’

The attacks on Mai Tsebri and Adwa cities could not be clearly confirmed. Because most part of Tigray is not able to be contacted. Everything related to communication is closed in this war-torn country. After the first airstrike was announced, TPLF spokesman Getachev Reda said it had no information about Sunday’s airstrikes. He will talk to his colleagues in this regard. The government of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been waging a war against the rebels since November.

Three children died in the attack

There has been unrest in Tigre since June. The rebels then occupied most of it. After which the army had to retreat to a great extent. On Monday, the Ethiopian army carried out two airstrikes on the capital of Tigre, Makele. Regarding this, the United Nations said that three children have died in the attacks and many others have been injured (Ethiopia Bombs Tigray). Since then, three more air raids have been carried out in Makele itself. The government believes that terrorists keep weapons here. So far thousands of people have been killed in these attacks of the government and more than two lakh people have been forced to flee.

problems facing the United Nations

Such attacks are also being carried out on the Amhara region of Tigre. Western countries have objected to the continuous attacks by the government. Last week the US condemned this method of “continued violence and harm to civilians” (Ethiopia Tigray Analysis). An airstrike on Mekele on Friday forced a United Nations plane carrying 11 humanitarian aid workers to return to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. The United Nations later announced that it had suspended its twice-weekly flights to the region.

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