After all, why is China supporting the Taliban and why is this a ‘danger bell’ for India? Now the reason has come to the fore

आखिर क्यों चीन कर रहा है तालिबान का समर्थन और क्यों भारत के लिए ये है 'खतरे की घंटी'? अब सामने आई वजह

China came close to the Taliban around 2019. During this, Taliban leaders also visited China. During this, Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar also reached China.

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The return of the Taliban to Afghanistan is being seen as a victory not only for Pakistan but also for China. While Pakistan has always supported the Taliban, China emerged as a friend of the Taliban around 2019. In 2019, a Taliban delegation visited Beijing to meet China’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Deng Jijun. The Taliban and China discussed the organization’s peace talks with the US.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen then said that China found a good framework for a peaceful settlement of the Afghan issue between the US and the Taliban. Shaheen also claimed that China supports it. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was also part of the Taliban delegation during this period. The visit of the Taliban was confirmed by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang. At the same time, now China is openly supporting the Taliban and it can also be seen that the Taliban is going to invite China to the swearing-in ceremony.

Why is China supporting the Taliban?

Some observers watching China have described Chinese support as stemming from political gains. The Taliban and China need each other. China is concerned about insurgency in the Uyghur-dominated Xinjiang region. The East Turkmenistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is a Uighur Islamic fundamentalist organization that operates from the China-Afghanistan border areas. Actually, ETIM rebels flee to Afghanistan to escape from China. There are still about 400 to 700 fighters in the war-torn country’s Badakhshan province. China wants Taliban to work to stop ETIM. The Taliban has told China that it will send ETIM rebels to China, so that the Chinese army can deal with them.

That’s why China’s eyes on Afghanistan?

China is engaged in extending a hand of friendship to underdeveloped but resource-rich countries. Similar is the case with the Taliban, as there are precious metals in Afghanistan. China’s desire is to gain access to these metal mines. Afghanistan is estimated to have mineral reserves worth $1 trillion. China has the technology to extract minerals from high altitude rugged mountains. At the same time, the Taliban’s goal is to earn revenue from the metal extracted from the mines through China. The Taliban also need revenue to run their government.

Why is China-Taliban friendship a threat to India?

The US presence in Afghanistan benefited, as a government backed by Washington was running the regime. Because of this, even after supporting the Taliban of Pakistan, there was not much damage being done. This is the reason why India tried to make soft power in Afghanistan with its investment. China’s mouth was also closed because of America. But now his edge has strengthened. Pakistan has also started taking advantage in Afghanistan. Pakistan also prepared a dossier against India, in which baseless allegations were made of aiding terrorist organizations anti-Taliban.

Pakistan seems to be interested in pulling the Taliban towards Jammu and Kashmir. If China and Pakistan agree to interfere with the Taliban in Jammu and Kashmir, India’s security situation could change seriously. The chief of ISI has also met Taliban leaders. This is the reason why India has very limited options to deal with the Taliban. At the same time, India does not want to give up its principles to make profits on the side of China. It also explains why India closed its embassies and consulates in Afghanistan.

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