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After all, what happened in Indonesia that 100 whips were thrown on a woman, then 15 whips were thrown on the man? Know what is the whole matter

Aceh is the only area in Muslim-majority Indonesia where Islamic law has been implemented. Because of this, harsh punishment is given for any crime here.

Women and men being whipped (AFP)

Indonesia (Indonesia(Woman Flogged in Indonesia) 100 times for confessing to having illicit sex with a married woman. At the same time, the person with whom he had an illicit relationship was punished with only 15 whipping. This person was also married. This incident came to light in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province on Thursday. According to the reporter of the news agency AFP, the woman had to stop the work of whipping for some time, because she was unable to bear the pain due to such a beating. Aceh province is the only place in Indonesia where Sharia law (Sharia Law) is applicable.

Ivan Najjar Allawi, head of the General Investigation Division at the East Aceh Prosecutor’s Office, said the woman confessed to investigators that she had sex with someone other than her husband. After this the court sentenced the married woman to severe punishment and ordered to be whipped. Alvi said that the judges had to face difficulties in convicting the accused person as he refused to indulge in the crime. The man was the head of the East Aceh Fisheries Agency and, like the woman himself, was married.

Another person was also killed by 100 whips

At the same time, as an alternative punishment, the judges found the married man guilty of showing affection to a woman because the woman was not his wife. Initially, the person was sentenced to 30 lashes. But after hearing the appeal filed in the Sharia Supreme Court in Aceh, his sentence was reduced to 15 whips. Another man convicted of having sex with a minor was also flogged 100 times on Thursday and sentenced to 75 months in prison for the crime, according to prosecutors. At the same time, a large number of people were also present during the sentence, who recorded the incident in the cameras.

Aceh was one of the powerful Islamic sultanates

Aceh is the only area in Muslim-majority Indonesia where Islamic law has been implemented. Here gambling, having illicit sex and having a homosexual relationship are punished with whipping. Once one of the most powerful Islamic sultans in Southeast Asia, the region has long used Islamic law mixed with local laws. This is known as ‘Hukum Adat’. To end the ongoing separatist struggle in Aceh province, it was granted autonomy, so that the separatist insurgency would be crushed.

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