Afghanistan: Taliban fighters entered ‘Karta Parwan Gurdwara’ in Kabul, broke cameras and took people hostage

Afghanistan: काबुल के 'करता परवन गुरुद्वारा' में घुसे तालिबानी लड़ाके, कैमरे तोड़े और लोगों को बनाया बंधक

Gurdwara Karta Parwan in Kabul

The Taliban had earlier removed Nishan Sahib from Gurdwara Thala Sahib in East Pakhtia province of Afghanistan.

Despite the assurances of the Taliban, Taliban fighters have entered the Gurdwara Karte Parwan located in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, with weapons. These Taliban fighters ransacked the holy shrine and took many people into custody. The President of the Indian World Forum has confirmed that Taliban officials have entered the Gurdwara Karate Parwan.

Puneet Singh Chandhok, president of the Indian World Forum, said, ‘I have received a shocking report from Kabul. A group of unidentified heavily armed Taliban officers entered the Parwan doing the Gurdwara (Taliban Fighter enter in Kabul Gurudwara) in Kabul. Chandok further said that Taliban officials have detained many people from the Sikh community in Afghanistan.

Taliban are vandalizing the gurdwara

Puneet Singh Chandok said, they have taken the community present in the gurdwara into custody. It is being alleged by the locals that the officials have broken the CCTV cameras of the Gurudwara and are currently vandalizing the Gurdwara. In the latest reports, it has been told that the local Gurdwara management is about to reach the spot. Earlier, the Taliban had removed Nishan Sahib from Gurdwara Thala Sahib in East Pakhtia province of Afghanistan. The Gurudwara is located in the Chamkni area of ​​Pakhtia. Guru Nanak Dev had also reached here once.

India talks to extremist group after Taliban capture

Notably after the capture of Kabul on August 15, the Taliban promised the international community that women’s rights, media rights, media freedom and amnesty for government officials would be taken care of. After the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, India and the extremist group had a meeting in Qatar. India’s Ambassador to Qatar Deepak Mittal held discussions with Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, the head of the Taliban’s political office in Doha.

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