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Afghanistan: After children, people are now forced to sell their kidneys, people suffering from poverty under Taliban rule

Urologist and kidney transplant surgeon Dr Nasir Ahmed said that he has performed 85 kidney transplant operations in 2021. They say that its cost ranges from about 6,00,000 Afghani to 8,00,000 Afghani.

People forced to sell their kidneys in Afghanistan.

Taliban (Taliban) since the occupation of Afghanistan (Afghanistan) has become completely deteriorating. rising poverty (PovertyPeople fed up with it have been forced to sell not only the pieces of their liver, but also their important body parts (Afghan People Selling Organs). The increasing number of destitute people and such harsh decisions being taken by civilians are clear testimony to the plight of Afghanistan. In the western province of Herat, many people in dire need of money have put their lives at risk by selling their kidneys.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in mid-August following the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Kabul. Afghan citizens have been facing poverty since the return of Taliban rule. They don’t even have money to eat. The laborers who are working under the Taliban government are being given food grains instead of money. Poverty is so much that people are being forced to sell even their children. The aid-dependent country’s economy was already in shambles that the Taliban’s withdrawal added to its difficulties.

85 kidney transplant operations done in 2021

Urologist and kidney transplant surgeon Dr Nasir Ahmed told that he has done 85 kidney transplant operations in 2021. He says that with the mutual consent of the kidney donor and buyer, a complete kidney transplant operation is performed, which costs around 6,00,000 Afghani to 8,00,000 Afghani. Depending on the blood type, the cost of a kidney can range from around 2,00,000 Afghani to 4,00,000 Afghani. In this, hospital charges, medicine and operation charges can reach up to 4,00,000 Afghani.

People struggling with poverty forced to sell kidney

Ahmed told that many people who sell their kidneys are very poor, who have to take such tough decisions to feed their families. However, doctors are repeatedly warning that the consequences of such a move can be very serious. Most of the donors who have come forward to sell their kidneys are from poor families affected by the devastating economic crisis in Afghanistan. Not only this, they are also unaware of the dangers that they may have to face due to the absence of one kidney.

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