‘Abolhassan Banisadr’, who became the first President of Iran after the Islamic Revolution, died, challenged the growing power of the clerics

इस्लामी क्रांति के बाद ईरान के पहले राष्ट्रपति बने 'Abolhassan Banisadr' का निधन, मौलवियों की बढ़ती ताकत को दी थी चुनौती

Abolhassan Banisadr, former President of Iran

Abolhassan Banisadr Died in Paris: Abolhassan Banisadr, who became the country’s first president after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, died in Paris on Saturday at the age of 88. Banisadr’s family and Iran’s state media have given information about this (Abolhassan Banisadr Iran). He faced impeachment for challenging the country’s becoming a theocracy and the growing power of clerics, after which he left Tehran.

Banisdar’s family said in a statement that he died in a Paris hospital after a prolonged illness. It is believed that Banisadr could never hold on to the government, due to which the situation went out of his control (Abolhassan Banisadr Iran Died in France). Such as the US embassy hostage crisis and Iran’s invasion of Iraq, which led to a dire situation and eventually a revolution. Due to this, many big changes were also seen in the country.

Powers were in the hands of Khomeini

Like today in Iran, only the religious leader used to run. Even during Banisdar’s tenure, the real powers remained in the hands of Iran’s top religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, for whom Banisdar worked while in exile from France and returned to Tehran in the midst of the revolution. President Abolhassan Banisadr). Khomeini, on the other hand, deposed him within 16 months and sent him back to Paris, where he lived for decades.

Banisdar grew up in a religious family

Former President Abolhassan Banisdar said of Khomeini, ‘I was like a child watching his father slowly become an alcoholic. The name of that drug was power. Talking about family background, Banisadr was born on March 22, 1933 in Hamadan, Iran and grew up in a religious family (Family Background of Banisadr). His father Nasrullah Banisdar was a high-ranking Shia cleric who opposed the policies of Raja Shah.

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