Abdul Qadir Khan, who made nuclear weapons for Pakistan, died, had a deep connection with India

पाकिस्तान के लिए परमाणु हथियार बनाने वाले अब्दुल कादिर खान का निधन, भारत से था गहरा नाता

Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan (File Photo)

Pakistan’s famous nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan died on Sunday at the age of 85 after his health deteriorated. Dr Khan is considered the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program. He has a major contribution in making Pakistan the first nuclear weapon-rich country in the Muslim world. Pakistani public sees him as a hero. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s health started deteriorating on Saturday night. After this, he was brought to the hospital by ambulance at six o’clock on Sunday morning.

Sources said that the nuclear scientist had difficulty in breathing, after which he was taken to the hospital. However, his health kept deteriorating and blood started flowing in his lungs. Doctors tried their best to save the famous scientist’s life, but they did not succeed and he died at 7:04 am local time. Doctors said that Abdul Qadir died due to non-functioning of the lungs. Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said efforts were made to save Dr Khan’s life. He will be buried in a cemetery in Islamabad.

Born in Bhopal city of India

Dr Abdul Qadir Khan became a national hero overnight in Pakistan when Pakistan conducted its first nuclear test in May 1998. After the nuclear tests, Pakistan became the only nuclear power in the Muslim world and the seventh country to have nuclear weapons. Dr Khan was born in the city of Bhopal, India in 1936. But after partition, Khan moved to Pakistan with his family. Dr Khan received his early education from DJ Science College, Karachi. Then in 1961 he went to Europe for higher studies and did his PhD from universities in Germany and Holland.

Imran Khan was accused of ignoring

Last month, Dr Khan had accused Imran Khan and his cabinet ministers of ignoring him when his health deteriorated. He had complained that neither Prime Minister Imran Khan nor any of his cabinet members inquired about his health during treatment in the hospital. According to Pakistan’s official Associated Press, Dr Khan was admitted to Khan Research Laboratories Hospital on August 26 after being infected with Corona. Then later, he was shifted to a military hospital in Rawalpindi. Where he was discharged after recovering from the virus.

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