Women footballers left Afghanistan after Taliban threats, took refuge in this country to save lives

तालिबानी धमकियों के बाद महिला फुटबॉलरों ने छोड़ा अफगानिस्तान, जान बचाने के लिए इस देश में ली पनाह

Taliban leaders had made it clear a few days ago that women in Afghanistan would not be allowed to participate in any kind of sports or entertainment related activities.

A month after the Taliban occupation, women’s footballers from Afghanistan left the country and reached Pakistan. (Photo: AFP)

Since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, there has been uncertainty about the status of the Games in the country. The talk of support to the men’s cricket team has been coming from the Taliban camp, but the biggest concern is about the women players of the country. Taliban leaders have already denied allowing women to play in the country, calling it against Islam. In such a situation, the future of women players in the country is in darkness. Meanwhile, 32 women footballers have left the country and taken refuge in Pakistan. According to reports, these players and their families were facing threats from the Taliban.

According to media reports, these players are members of the national junior team and they were to go to Qatar first, but after the August 26 blast at Kabul airport, the situation changed and they could not leave the country. Now they have taken refuge in Pakistan. According to reports, emergency humanitarian visas were issued by the Government of Pakistan to evacuate these players from Afghanistan, after which they reached Pakistan.

Pakistan Football Federation gave shelter

To get these players out of Afghanistan, Britain’s NGO ‘Football for Peace’ took the help of the Pakistani government and the Pakistan Football Federation, after which they were brought to Pakistan. All these players will soon be transported from Peshawar to Lahore, where they will be kept at the headquarters of the Pakistan Football Federation. According to reports, women players were facing threats from Taliban to play football and these players had been hiding since the change of power in the country.

Cricket Australia threatens

There is a threat of boycott from Afghanistan’s sports fraternity due to non-permission of women’s sport in the country. Its signal came from Australia a few days ago. Speaking to an Australian channel, a Taliban spokesman said that they would not allow women to be a part of the sport. After this, Cricket Australia issued a statement saying that if the Afghanistan women’s cricket team does not get support, then they can cancel the Test match against the men’s cricket team in Hobart in November this year.

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