Tim Paine said about boycotting Afghanistan, Asghar Afghan started class, said- you don’t know anything

टिम पेन ने कही अफगानिस्तान को बॉयकाट करने की बात, असगर अफगान ने लगा दी क्लास, कहा- तुम कुछ नहीं जानते

Afghanistan has once again been occupied by the Taliban and after this the country’s cricket has also been in crisis, especially on women’s cricket.

Tim Paine recently talked about boycotting the Afghanistan cricket team.

Afghanistan is currently facing a crisis. The Taliban once again occupied this country, due to which the citizens of the country are again in trouble. It is also affecting the country’s cricket. Australia recently talked about canceling the only Test match to be played with Afghanistan in November. At the same time, Australian Test team captain Tim Paine had said that all teams should boycott Afghanistan before the T20 World Cup. Now former Afghanistan captain Asghar Afghan has taken the pen against him.

Taliban is not in support of women’s cricket in Afghanistan. Penn recently said that current teams should not play cricket with a country that is taking away opportunities from half its population. He said, “If teams refuse to play against Afghanistan and governments do not allow them to step on their ground, I know it is impossible (for Afghanistan to participate). It will be very difficult to see how such a team can play in an ICC recognized event.

Asghar said this thing

After making Penn’s remarks, Asghar appealed to Penn, saying that he should refrain from making such statements. He has appealed to all countries to support Afghanistan and its national team. He said that Pen has kept his point without knowing the reality. Asghar issued a statement and wrote, “Dear Pain, the Afghanistan national team is entitled, under ICC rules, to participate not only in the World Cup but in all tournaments organized by the ICC. I sincerely hope that our brave soldiers will give their best.”

He wrote, “As a player and a professional cricketer you must know that reaching this level of cricket requires a lot of hard work and commitment. After being a weak cricket country which did not have zero infrastructure, from there we have reached where we are playing side by side with the top-10 countries of the world, it takes great commitment, passion and talent. That’s why you should refrain from making such provocative statements that will isolate Afghanistan cricket.”

cricket number 1 in afghanistan

He further wrote, “Cricket is the number-1 sport in Afghanistan and is followed by around 30 million Afghans. Your statement shows that you do not know the situation or are talking outside the issue. But in any case you are treating Afghanistan cricket badly as well as what we have achieved through our hard work in the last decades. has done. (Sports should be kept away from politics.)”

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