The fear of Corona created a stir in the Indian team that reached Tokyo, the IOA president asked for information, then this truth came to the fore

Only a few Indian players will be involved in the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2020, because of this the decision was taken

Almost all the players of India have reached the host city to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Important steps are being taken for the safety of the players in these games organized between Corona.

Most of the Indian players have left for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Indian contingent, which arrived to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, was in turmoil on Wednesday when it was reported that three members of the team had symptoms of corona. Team’s Deputy Chef D Mission Prem Verma then clarified that none of the players or team members were found to have symptoms of corona and it was only due to filling incorrect information in the Olympic health app.

Almost all the players of the Indian contingent have arrived to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. The first batch of players had left India on 18 July. A total of 90 players and officials were involved in this. At the same time, the shooting team reached Tokyo directly from Zagreb. Many athletes are currently in India who will leave soon. This grand tournament of the Games is to start from July 23 in Tokyo, Japan. The entry of spectators is not allowed in the stadium during the games due to the pandemic.

Narinder Batra had sought complete information

Organizers have taken many important steps to organize the Olympics amid the threat of Corona virus. In order to keep a constant watch on the health of the players, the organizers have created a health app on which all the members of the ten except the players have to upload their health updates everyday. According to the update of this app, symptoms of corona were seen in three officers on Sunday. IOA chief Narinder Batra sought information from Prem Verma about this entire issue.

There was a ruckus due to wrong information being entered in the app

However, Prem Verma clarified that there is no truth in this and it was only due to filling of wrong information in the app. Verma wrote in response, ‘No member of the team has symptoms of corona. This happened accidentally from people using the app for the first time. If any symptom is seen in the update, then the mail is sent to the CLO automatically by the software. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is sending a 228-member contingent to the Tokyo Olympics, including 119 players, this time. There are 67 male players and 52 female players. India will present the challenge in 85 events. This will be India’s largest contingent ever in the Olympics.

Once again in the Tokyo Olympics, athletes from Punjab and Haryana are full of athletes, the strongest contenders for medals are also from here.


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