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There will be no need for electricity to run these ACs, there will be a saving of about Rs 4,000 every month

new Delhi. Solar Air Conditioners: Summer has come to its peak. In this season only AC can give complete relief. While coolers and fans also fail in this season, only the air conditioner (AC) works. But many people think that buying AC is a trap of life. Because first, give money to buy AC and then also bear the cost of electricity. But today we will tell you such a trick by which you can buy AC and your electricity bill will not come. Then no matter how much you run the AC.

Solar ACs have come in the Indian market for a long time. They do not run on electricity but on solar power. These plates take energy from the sun and then help in running the AC. Their battery gets charged only by sunlight. Although, if seen, the cost of solar AC is much higher than normal AC, but after making a one-time investment, you will never have to pay electricity bill. So let’s know about the solar AC available in the market.

SINFIN 1.5 Ton Solar PCU Split Inverter AC:
It is 1.5 ton and automatically adjusts for cooling. It is designed to work on both solar power and electricity grid. It takes very less wattage and saves power consumption as compared to other ACs. A complete product warranty of 1 year is being given on this. At the same time, 5 years PCB main board warranty and 10 years compressor warranty is being given. Its price is Rs 49,999.

Split Metallic Teramax Solar Air Conditioner:
Its capacity is up to 2 tons. Its panel power is 300 W, 325 W. Talking about the price, its price is Rs 65,000. With the grid system, there will be a saving of 100 percent and with this a guarantee of 2 years is being given. At the same time, it adjusts itself according to the weather conditions. New technology has been given in it which is AC / DC dual power supply.

Apna Plastic/Fibre SWAY20 Solar Air Conditioner:
This solar AC comes with 2 ton capacity. 48/220 voltage has been given in this AC. This is a plastic fiber split AC. Its price is Rs 52,135. It saves up to 80 percent of electricity.

Savings up to Rs.4,000:
Suppose you have a 1.5 ton AC with 5 star rating. This AC consumes 1490 watts of power per hour. If seen unit wise, 1.5 units are consumed every hour. In such a situation, if you run AC for 12 hours, then 18 units will be consumed. At the rate of about Rs 7.50 per unit, the daily bill comes to Rs 135, which is about Rs 4,000 per month.

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