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HomeTechBharat Bandh 2022: Check traffic condition on Google Maps before leaving home

Bharat Bandh 2022: Check traffic condition on Google Maps before leaving home

Bharat Bandh 2022: There is no need to worry if you are leaving home and will get traffic while reaching office or any selected destination.

Bharat Bandh 2022: With the help of Google Maps, you can know the condition of traffic.

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Bharat Bandh 2022: A joint forum of central trade unions to protest against government policies affecting workers, farmers and common people directly and indirectly.Joint Forum of Central Trade UnionsA strike has been called across the country. This strike will be on 28th and 29th March and today is the first day of Bharat Bandh. If you are leaving your home and you do not know whether there will be traffic while reaching the office or any selected destination, then there is no need to worry. Actually, for this you can use Google’s navigation service Google Maps (Google Maps) can be used. Let us know how to see the road and traffic condition on Google Maps.

To see the route on Google Maps, open the app on your Android smartphone. After this, search the name of the destination in the search bar at the top. After that click on the below direction option. After that you can take advantage of live tracking report by turning on GPS. It also gives information about traffic jams. For your information, let us tell you that the Google Maps app is pre-installed in the phone.

Meaning of traffic colors in google maps

The traffic conditions on Google Maps are shown by color. Different colored lines in maps have different meanings. Blue Line means that this path is very clear to reach the destination and it is the fastest route for you. Sometimes a gray line is also seen, which is an alternate route and its possible time is also known.

Red color means most traffic on Google Maps

You will take a little more in the gray color route than the blue color route. Somewhere in the middle of the blue color line, red color lines are also seen. It means that there are too many vehicles running on that part of your way. Orange colored line indicates light jam. Whereas when the red color becomes too dark, it means that there is too much jam.

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