An 8-seater American SUV with a range of 1,200 km on a single charge is coming to India!

सिंगल चार्ज में 1,200 किलोमीटर चलने वाली 8-सीटर अमेरिकी SUV आ रही है भारत!
US-based electric mobility company Triton EV may enter the Indian electric market as a new player. On Tuesday, the company showcased its electric SUV Triton Model H in Hyderabad. Triton EV’s first SUV in India is not only spacious and powerful to look at, but also has a tremendous range. The company claims that the Model H is capable of delivering a range of 1,200 km on a single charge. Let us know more about this car.

In appearance, the Model H will make you feel like an American SUV. It gets a huge front grille and is also spacious in size. Its length is 5,690 mm, height is 2,057 mm and width is 1,880 mm. Its wheelbase is also around 3,302 mm. It will definitely look no less than a mini truck on the road. It is an eight seater (8-seater electric SUV) and even then it gets 5,663 liters of storage space.

The Model H gets a 200kWh battery pack and as we mentioned, the company claims that this battery pack is capable of delivering a range of around 1,200 km on a single charge. With the option of hypercharger, this battery pack can be fully charged in just two hours. According to the company, this electric car can accelerate from 0-60 mph (about 0-97 kmph) in just 2.9 seconds.

For information, let us tell you that Triton is planning to invest $ 300 million (about Rs 226 crore) in India in the next few months. The company also informed that it has already received purchase orders worth $2.4 billion (about Rs 1,800 crore) from India. The company is soon planning to set up its manufacturing unit in the Zahirabad area of ​​Telangana.<!–



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