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Who won India gold medal in 1936 Olympics, became Pakistan’s first champion hockey player after independence

Ali Iqtidar Shah Dara is one of the few players who participated in the Olympic Games on behalf of both India and Pakistan.

Iqtidar Shah Dara has been a veteran of Pakistan

Pakistan was born in the year 1947 with the independence of India. Apart from millions of people of India, its impact was seen on the country’s politics, its geography. The sports world of India was also not untouched by this. Before 1947, the players who were winning gold in Hockey for India together after 1947 were against each other. There have been only a few such players in the Olympic Games. He went on to play in the Olympics for two countries. In the Olympic story today, the story of Ali Iqtidar Dara Shah who played for both India and Pakistan.

The Indian team won the gold medal in the Olympic Games in 1924, 1928, 1932 and 1936, the years before independence. In this team, players of Britain, Pakistan and India used to play together. This team was considered to be the strongest team in the world, which was the dream of every team.

Iqtidar Shah was not part of the team in 1936

India won its last gold in 1936 in Berlin before independence. Initially, Iqtidar Shah was not selected for this because his army unit had discharged him. When the Indian team lost their first practice match against the hockey team Germany, Iqtidar was called immediately.

Pakistan made hockey superpower

Being in the army, he took part in the second world war and also went to jail in Malaysia. In 1947, Dara decided that he would stay in Pakistan. He worked for the upliftment of hockey of this country. After independence in 1948, he went on to play as the captain of the Pakistan team. In this tournament, Pakistan missed out on winning the Bronze medal and finished fourth. He became the coach of the team after the 1952 Olympic Games. He trained the team that won the silver medal in the 1956 Olympic Games. Dara was the manager of the team that defeated India and won the gold medal to Pakistan in the Olympic Games held in Moscow in the year 1960.

While in Pakistan, he again became the Vice President of the International Hockey Federation. He was also the President of the Asian Hockey Federation. During his time, Pakistan came out by making superpower of hockey. The team won the Champions Trophy in addition to three World Cups and also won the gold medal at the Asian Games.

The Olympic Games champion who proved to be a hero even outside the field


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