When Hockey India decided not to send teams to the Commonwealth, the Sports Minister was furious, said- Federation should talk to the government first

हॉकी इंडिया ने कॉमनवेल्थ में टीमें न भेजने का किया फैसला तो भड़के खेल मंत्री, कहा- पहले सरकार से बात करे फेडरेशन

Indian hockey teams showed great performance in olympics

The country’s Sports Minister Anurag Thakur is angry with the decision of Indian hockey teams to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games. The Indian Hockey Team has officially decided to withdraw its name from the 2022 Commonwealth Games citing COVID-19. Hockey India President Gyanandro Ningombam on Monday informed the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) about its decision. However, the Sports Minister believes that Hockey India alone cannot decide that teams will not go to the Commonwealth Games.

He said, ‘The federation should think before making such statements. They should talk to the government first. The team of the Federation does not go to the Commonwealth Games, the team of India goes. In a country of 130 crore population, there are not only 18 players who can represent the country. I think Hockey India should first talk to the Sports Ministry.

Anurag Thakur expressed his displeasure

Comparing hockey with cricket, Anurag Thakur said that there is no shortage of hockey players in the country and players can participate in both the tournaments. Talking further about this, he said, ‘Our country is very big. We don’t have 18 players. There is no dearth of hockey talent in the country. If you look at cricket, now the players are playing IPL then they will play the World Cup. If it can happen in cricket then why not in other sports. I understand that Asian Games should be given importance, I am just saying that the decision of India to play or not to play will be taken by the ministry.

Hockey India does not want to take risk

Hockey India had pulled out of the Commonwealth Games, saying there was only a 32-day gap between the Birmingham Commonwealth Games (July 28 to August 8) and the Hangzhou Asian Games (September 10 to 25) and they would not risk sending their players to the UK. Want to raise which has been involved in the countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, Britain recently refused to recognize India’s COVID-19 vaccination certificates and made a strict 10-day quarantine mandatory for travelers coming from the country despite their full vaccination. Hockey India does not want to send the team there because of this too.

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