The curtain will rise on October 17 from two new teams of IPL, these cities are contenders, these people are big contenders among buyers

IPL की दो नई टीमों से 17 अक्टूबर को उठेगा पर्दा, ये शहर हैं दावेदार, खरीदारों में ये लोग बड़े दावेदार

The BCCI had invited tenders for the IPL teams on August 31. It was said that tender papers can be purchased till October 5.

There have been 10 teams in the IPL before, but then there was a lot of controversy.

Two new teams are going to come in the Indian Premier League from the 2022 season. For this, the BCCI has started preparations. In the last days, the board had given information about the tender of the teams. Now it has come to the fore that on October 17, two new teams will be bidding. BCCI will invite bids for this in a sealed cover. News agency PTI quoted sources as saying that the board is in the process of bidding on October 17. For this, bids will be invited in a closed envelope. The BCCI had invited tenders for the IPL teams on August 31. It was said that tender papers can be purchased till October 5. Some names of those who bought the two new teams have also come to the fore.

The BCCI, while inviting the tender, had said, ‘As per the proposal of the Governing Council of IPL to bring two new teams in the Indian Premier League, applications are invited for their ownership and running them. These teams will be decided through the tender process. Anyone who wants to buy a team will have to buy Invitation to Tender (ITT). However, only those who fulfill the eligibility criteria laid down in ITT and other terms and conditions will be eligible for bidding. It is clarified that mere purchase of ITT will not make one eligible for bidding.

5000 crore profit to BCCI!

IPL is currently played between eight teams but from next year 10 teams will play in it. A source looking at the financial side of IPL said that if the bidding process goes ahead as planned, the BCCI will have a profit of at least Rs 5000 crore as Many companies are showing interest in the bidding process. It is learned that only companies having annual turnover of Rs 3000 crore or more will be allowed to participate in the bidding process.

Running names of these places

The base locations for the new teams include Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Pune. Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad and Ekana Stadium in Lucknow can be the choice of the franchise as these stadiums have more capacity. Adani Group, RPG Sanjeev Goenka Group, Pharma company Torrent and a renowned banker are running for the two new teams.

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