T20 World Cup: Pakistan will be battered by the ammunition of Team India, this veteran told what will be the condition of the match

T20 World Cup: टीम इंडिया के गोला-बारूद से पस्त हो जाएगा पाकिस्तान, इस दिग्गज ने बताया क्या होगा मैच का हाल

Teams of India and Pakistan will face each other in the T20 World Cup.

Whenever the cricket teams of India and Pakistan are face to face, the thrill is at its peak. The relations between the two countries are not good at this time, so the bilateral series has not been played for a long time. So now these two teams meet only in Asia Cup or any ICC event. The T20 World Cup is starting from the 17th and in this World Cup also these two teams will clash once again. These two teams will compete in Dubai on 24 October. The excitement of this match is also in full swing. Not only India and Pakistan but also former, current players, coaches of other countries are excited about this and have their eyes on this match. Afghanistan coach Lance Klusner is also one of those who are keeping their eyes on it.

The former South African player has said that the Indian team will be heavy on Pakistan in this match because Virat Kohli’s army has a lot of ammunition for Pakistan. Klusener, however, has also said that Pakistan can beat any team on its day. These two teams last met face to face in the World Cup-2019. Since then these teams will play for the first time.

The competition will not be abandoned

Talking to the English newspaper Times of India, Klusener said, “The match between India and Pakistan is very big. This match is one that cannot be skipped, especially in tournaments like the World Cup. The Pakistan team has shown a great game recently. He has brought out some great batsmen. His bowling has always been competitive. Virat Kohli’s team has a lot of ammunition. If India has a bad day and Pakistan gives its best, it can beat India.”

India’s upper hand

Pakistan team has not been able to beat India in the World Cup in the history till date. In the 12 matches played so far, India has not been successful in winning all. Klusener said, “I think India probably has a lot of ability against Pakistan. We all know that Pakistan are a very unpredictable team and it is so much fun to watch them play. So it will be difficult to say who will win but Pakistan gives their best and if they have a good day they can beat any team in the world.

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