Sunil Chhetri equaled Pele in scoring goals, now just behind Ronaldo-Messi, said – the game will continue even further

सुनील छेत्री ने गोल दागने में की पेले की बराबरी, अब बस रोनाल्डो-मेसी से पीछे, बोले- आगे भी जारी रहेगा खेल

Sunil Chhetri is also the captain of the Indian football team.

Charismatic Indian football player Sunil Chhetri equaled Pele, one of the greatest players of the game in terms of number of goals scored at the international level. Now he says that he will continue to play and score goals for the country in the near future. 37-year-old Chhetri played a key role in India’s 1-0 win against Nepal in the SAIF Championship in the 83rd minute. This is the team’s first win in three matches in the tournament to remain in the competition. This is Chhetri’s 77th international goal, equaling Pele’s goal, and Chhetri is joint third in active football with UAE’s Ali Mabkhout. His more goals are in the name of Cristiano Ronaldo (112) and Lionel Messi (79). There has been a decline in the performance of the Indian football team for some time but it has not shown its effect on Chhetri’s game.

Chhetri told PTI after the match, ‘I keep being asked about my consistency, I wish I had an answer. But the truth is that I have not prepared any blueprint. It is about giving my best every single day and I am thankful that it has not gone down. Questions have been raised about Chhetri’s age but the Indian captain made it clear that he has not thought much about the future and will continue to play at the top level. Chhetri said, ‘Maybe you may find my words a lie but I have never thought about my future as a football player. I have said before that I like to wake up in the morning, practice and play. I thoroughly enjoy it and never want to stop it.’

Chhetri has played more than 100 matches for India

Chhetri, who has played 123 matches for India, said, ‘My future plan with football will be really like my next training session. I’m lucky to have a ‘support system’ all around me that makes sure I don’t have to think or worry about anything that doesn’t involve football. It makes it easier for me to live my passion. Despite countless achievements for himself and the team as a top-class striker at both the international and club levels, his hunger to do the best in the game remains.

He said, ‘It is very simple, if there is a trophy, I want to win it. There will be very few players who will be satisfied with their number of trophies, I am no different from them. On a personal level, I am not a big fan of statistics and achievements. But don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for everything I have achieved. For me though, there is nothing bigger than winning for the team, whether it is for the country or the club.

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