Star player who won 2 medals in World Championship murdered, husband stabbed her!

वर्ल्ड चैंपियनशिप में 2 मेडल जीतने वाली स्टार खिलाड़ी की हत्या, पति ने मारा चाकू!

Agnes is Kenya’s star long distance runner

Long distance runner Agnes Tirop was found dead in her own home on Wednesday. Agres is Kenya’s star athlete who has won medals in the World Championship twice. There were stab wounds on his dead body. The police wanted to question Egress’s husband about this but he is absconding since the accident. The police suspect that her husband was behind Agnes’s murder.

The 25-year-old Tirop lived with her husband in her home in the town of Eton, western Kenya. The police found his body here. Agres was stabbed in the neck and abdomen with a knife. His car was parked outside the house whose window panes were broken. The police inferred from this that Egress had a fight with her husband at the time of the accident. Apart from this, the police also told that Aggress’s husband had called his family and told them crying that, ‘I have made a big mistake. Praying to God to forgive me.’

Had won a medal for the country in the World Championship

The Athletic Federation of Kenya gave information about this by tweeting. He wrote, ‘Kenya has lost a diamond.’ Tirop won the bronze medal in the 10,000 meters race in the years 2017 and 2019. At the same time, in this year’s Tokyo Olympics, she finished fourth in the 5000 meters event. Last month, he had set a world record in the 10 km road race. Her career started in the year 2015 when she became the second youngest champion of this event at the age of 19.

Kenya’s President expressed grief

Kenya’s President Uthru Kenyatta appealed to the police to conduct an impartial investigation into the matter. He said in his statement, ‘This is very unfortunate and sad news. We have lost a rising star player. The more sad thing is that he had to lose his life because of some mean and cowardly people.’

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