Scored 88 runs in 19 balls, hit his country’s first century, 4 and a half kg of weight also decreased, then this was the condition of the match

19 गेंदों में ठोके 88 रन, जड़ा अपने देश का पहला शतक, साढ़े 4 किलो वजन भी घटा, फिर मैच का हुआ ये हाल

Despite Dave Houghton’s century, Zimbabwe lost by 3 runs and missed a turnaround. (Photo: ICC)

The Zimbabwe Cricket Team may be counted among the worst teams in the world today and only a few players of the team have a big identity in world cricket, but this country has given many great players. Especially during the early stages of the team in the 1980s and 90s, some tremendous talent had shined in world cricket and one of them was David Houghton (Dave Houghton). Houghton, a right-handed wicket-keeper batsman, played many excellent innings for Bangladesh in his career and also captained the team, but his most famous and combative innings was seen on this day 34 years ago, when he played the first in Zimbabwe’s history. Had scored a century… that too in the World Cup.

The matter is of 10 October 1987. Then Zimbabwe was only an associate country, not a full member. That is, then she could only play ODI matches, not Tests. Despite this, Zimbabwe was a good team. How can the performance against India in the 1983 World Cup be forgotten. After 4 years, once again the Zimbabwe team came close to making a big upset. The fourth match of the World Cup was played between New Zealand and Zimbabwe in Hyderabad. Batting first, New Zealand scored 242 runs in 50 overs with the help of half-centuries from Martin Sneddon (64) and Martin Crowe (72).

Historic century after a poor start

In reply, Zimbabwe had a very poor start and the team’s batting was badly shattered. The condition was that the team had lost its 7 wickets for only 104 runs. Zimbabwe was in danger of a big defeat. Dave Houghton, who came at number three, saw the fall of wickets in front of him but remained firm. He got along with the number 9 batsman Ian Butchart (54). Both smashed the New Zealand bowlers.

Especially Houghton fiercely rained on the Kiwi bowlers. During this, he scored the first century in Zimbabwe’s cricket history, in which it rained sixes and fours. In his innings, he scored 88 runs in just 19 balls with the help of 13 fours and 6 sixes.

Lost by 3 runs, lost weight too

The eighth wicket fell on the score of 221 in the form of Houghton. By then Houghton had played an astonishing innings of 142 runs in 137 balls and brought the team closer to victory. Zimbabwe were close to victory and needed 4 runs in the last 3 balls, but Bouchart was dismissed for 239 as the 10th wicket and Zimbabwe missed the upset by 3 runs. Houghton was adjudged man of the match for his innings. After the match, it was revealed that the heat of Hyderabad had made Houghton miserable and his weight had decreased by about 4 and a half kilos.

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