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Quinton Decock took a break with Pakistani batsman, made fools with fun, created a ruckus, split the world, VIDEO

In the last over of the game, the South African wicketkeeper made such a fool from the Pakistani batsman that the world kept watching.

Made a fool, enjoyed it very much!

Quinton Dickock took turns with the Pakistani batsman. He did this with the batsman, who did not even score a century, had reached very close to his double century while playing. Pakistan had realized its victory at the crease in the second ODI. The South African wicketkeeper made him such a fool in the last over of the game that the world kept watching.

The batsman whom Quinton Dickock made a fool of was Fakhar Zaman. Playing on 193 runs. That is, the second double century of his ODI career was just 7 runs away. But see how Dickock ran him out.

Dickock’s spin with Pak batter

Dickock pointed the finger at the bowler in such a way as if the ball was going towards the non-striker. Fakhr Zaman slowed down after seeing the gesture of Deacock. Just then, the rest of the work was done by the amazing throw of Eden Markram. He threw a straight strike and scattered the stumps. As a result, even knowing that he was caught in the clever tricks of Dickock, the red yellow Fakhar Zaman had to go to the pavilion with anger.

Ruckus broke out in the world

Now the question is whether this was a fake fielding of Dickock or a master stroke of his cleverness. With this, the world is divided into two factions. Some are calling it a fraudulent out, and some are standing with Dickock on this matter.

What does the ICC rule say and Pakistan?

See what the ICC rule says about it. Article 41.5.1 of the ICC’s Code of Conduct clearly states, “If any fielder tries to cheat, fool the batsman in any way, it is wrong and punishable.” Based on this rule, the cricket fans of Pakistan and the media there have created a ruckus on this whole incident. It is reported that the Pakistani team management has asked the match referee to explain why the ICC is not taking any action on it.

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