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Neymar of Brazil fight with fellow player of Cristiano Ronaldo, punches with kick in football, VIDEO

A case of high profile assault from the French Football League has come to light. The video of this is also going viral, in which Neymar can be seen running punches.

Video of Neymar’s fight came out

Football. Meaning a game played with feet. That is, in which kicking is mandatory. But, when the punches start running with the kick in this game, then the matter is serious. Something is fishy. Something similar happened in the match played between the PSG club and Lille in the French League. The kick punches that went here were a bit high profile. And, the reason was the involvement of Brazilian football star Neymar in this fight.

Neymar, who played PSG, had a fight with the Lily Club footballer named Tiago Jalo. Jallo represents Portugal in international football. That is, in step with Cristiano Ronaldo, they attack Portugal’s opponents.

Fight of Neymar and Tiago Jaello

Now understand why there was a scuffle between Neymar and Jalo. In fact, in the 90th minute of the match Neymar kicked Lily’s team right back Tiago Jaello, due to which he was shown the second yellow card. Now action reaction takes place. So Jalo also responded angrily. The match referee raised strong objections about the behavior of both. Neymar also got a red card.

But this did not stop the case. A video of both the players has surfaced, in which it is clear how the heated exchanges between the two were going on while growing in the locker room. It is seen in the video that Neymar pushed inside the canal on the shoulder of Jalo. Jalo also reacted in anger. He tried to reach Neymar. In the same affair, he also dropped a security guard. With great difficulty, the two players were separated from each other.

PSG has lost in the match against Lily. This is his 5th and overall 8th defeat in the house. After this performance, on Wednesday, in the Champions League match against Bayern Munich, it is also showing his zigzag.


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