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IPL 2022: Thrill of the last over… when everyone is ‘out of control’, the bowler said ‘all is well’ and the game turned upside down

Daniel Sams saved 8 runs in the last over.

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In the last over when everything was out of control, Mumbai Indians bowler Daniel Sams came to bowl as if convincing himself that all is well. The result of this belief was that Mumbai Indians was able to reverse their defeat.

IPL 2022 (IPL 2022) The match played in the evening of 6 May 2022 was not of full 20 overs. This match was the last over (Last Over) Of. Because the match was stuck there. Which side will win from the same over, which team will win, all that was to be decided. From the spectators sitting in the stadium to the people sitting at home watching the match on TV, everyone had the same thinking. In the eyes of everyone, the scene of the winning team was fit. But this is cricket (cricket) is. The scene which people had fitted in their eyes was not shown when the film was released. What happened on the field, which no one had thought of. Leave aside the fans and the spectators, even the players playing the match had no idea that the bet would turn like this. But, that’s what the thrill is. Thrill of the last over.

When everything was out of control in the last over against Gujarat Titans, Mumbai Indians bowler Daniel Sams came to bowl as if convincing himself that all is well. The result of his belief in himself was that Mumbai Indians was able to reverse their defeat.

What was going through Sams’ mind?

Before telling you every moment of the thrill of the last over, know what was going on in Daniel Sams’ mind at that time. Gujarat Titans needed 8 runs to win in the last over. Sams explained to himself that he had nothing to lose, which is in favor of the batsmen. Sams said, “I had thought that I would bowl my best ball and that was the slower ball. I made him a weapon and the result is in front of everyone. ,

6 balls, 8 runs and 2 stunners… the thrill of the last over

Now know the full thrill of the last over. Bowler Sams and front batsmen David Miller and Rahul Teotia. There is no need to tell much about the style and mood of both the batsmen. Now 6 balls, 8 runs and 2 batsmen in front. Sams started bowling over the wicket.

Miller played the first ball and took a run. Tewatia took the strike on the second ball but no run was scored. Tewatia was run out for stealing runs on the third ball. When he went, Rashid came and his mood is no less. But Sams just focused on his own bowling. Rashid took a single off the fourth ball. With 2 runs coming off the first four balls, now 6 runs were left to be scored in the last two balls. Miller was on strike, the matter was not impossible. But the one who made this impossible possible for Mumbai Indians was Daniel Sams.

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Sams did not give any runs in the last two balls. Miller tried Puck Sams’ slow balls showed his good effect and Mumbai Indians won the match by 5 runs.

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