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IPL 2022: KL Rahul’s mother lied to him for 27 years, when the truth came out, he was stunned, know what is the matter?

KL Rahul is taking over the command of Lucknow Supergiants in IPL 2022, the team lost its first match against Gujarat Titans.

IPL 2022: Why did KL Rahul’s mother lie to him?

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KL Rahul (KL Rahul) At present, he is one of the best cricketers not only in India but in the world. Currently, he is commanding the Lucknow Supergiants in the IPL. Lucknow Supergiants (LSG) The captain has made a very interesting disclosure in an interview. KL Rahul told that his mother (KL Rahul Mother) lied to him for 26-27 years. Actually, Rahul has now come to know the reason behind his name. He used to think that his mother named Rahul because of Shahrukh Khan because his name was Rahul in many films. KL Rahul’s mother is a big fan of Shahrukh Khan. Although it was not so.

KL Rahul told that his mother lied to him about the name. In the Breakfast with Champions show, Rahul revealed, ‘I came to know only a few years ago that my mother lied to me for 26-27 years. Mother had told that she is a fan of Shahrukh Khan and in the 90s, her name was Rahul in every film. That’s why he was named Rahul.

KL Rahul shocked to hear from friends

KL Rahul further said, ‘I told this to my friends who have knowledge of Bollywood. A friend said that the film in which Shahrukh Khan’s name was Rahul was released for the first time in 1994 and you were born in 1992. So the reason for your name is completely wrong.

After this, Rahul told that his father was a fan of Sunil Gavaskar and he often used to hear his name in commentary. He accidentally heard the name of Gavaskar’s son Rahul Gavaskar during commentary. That’s why he also named his son Rahul. While Sunil Gavaskar’s son’s name is Rohan.

Rahul made parents’ name Roshan

KL Rahul came to know the truth behind his name after 26-27 years but this name is famous all over the world today. Very few batsmen with excellent technique like Rahul. This is the reason why KL Rahul plays all three formats for India. At present, Rahul’s focus will be in IPL 2022 in which he has been given the responsibility of Lucknow Supergiants. Lucknow Supergiants had added Rahul as a draft player for 17 crores.

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