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IPL 2022: ‘Hardik Pandya’s captaincy changed… Understanding his thoughts is not rocket science’

With becoming the captain, Hardik Pandya is learning to control his emotions.

Image Credit source: BCCI

Hardik Pandya is captaining for the first time in his IPL career and in the very first try, he has taken his team Gujarat Titans (GT) to the playoffs for the first time.

If any team surprised the most in IPL 2022, it was Gujarat Titans. For the first time in the IPL, this team has also reached the playoffs for the first time. One of the team’s many specialties is also its captain Hardik Pandya, who himself is commanding a team in the IPL for the first time. Hardik has been an important part of Indian cricket for the last 7 years and everyone has noticed that Hardik plays his cricket very passionately and sometimes in an emotional way. However, in IPL 2022, he seems to be completely changed and captaincy has played a big role in it. Team’s star fast bowler Mohammed Shami also confirms this.

Hardik Pandya, who is successfully leading his team in IPL 2022, has shown a lot of change in his behavior and he is keeping his emotions under control. Mohammed Shami says about this that captaincy has made Hardik patient, which is also the main reason for the success of the team. According to news agency PTI, Shami said, “After becoming the captain, he has become very patient, his reaction is not as aggressive as before. I have advised him to control his emotions on the field as the whole world watches this cricket.

Shami admits that Hardik has changed his behavior and mentality and has played an important role in keeping the team united. The Indian pacer said, being sensible as a captain, understanding the conditions is very important and he has played this role perfectly…he has kept the team united. I have seen a lot of changes in him as a captain as compared to a player.

Shami has played under the leadership of many legendary captains in his career and in such a situation, he believes that it is not too difficult to understand Hardik’s thinking. He said, the nature of every captain is different. Mahi (Dhoni) bhai was calm, Virat was aggressive, Rohit moves according to match conditions, so understanding Hardik’s mindset is not rocket science.

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