IPL 2021: Which team is present in the points table of the first phase of IPL, know everything

IPL 2021: आईपीएल के बचे मैचों का ये रहा पूरा शेड्यूल, जानिए आपकी पसंदीदा टीम कब किससे भिड़ेगी

The second phase of the Indian Premier League is starting from 19 September. In such a situation, it is also important to know what happened in the first phase.

In the first leg, the team of Delhi Capitals topped the points table.

The second phase of the 14th season of the Indian Premier League is going to start in the United Arab Emirates from September 19. In such a situation, it is equally important to know how a team performed in the first phase. We are going to tell you about this status of the marks table. The most successful team in the first phase of IPL-2021 was Delhi Capitals, who won 6 out of their eight matches and topped the points table. The team lost in two matches. Delhi team, captained by Rishabh Pant, defeated Chennai Super Kings by 7 wickets in this journey and defeated Punjab Kings by 6 wickets. Then beat Mumbai Indians by 6 wickets and Sunrisers Hyderabad in super over. Again won by seven wickets each over Kolkata Knight Riders and Punjab Kings. In two matches, they lost to Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals.

Chennai Superkings, led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is at the second position in the table after winning five out of 7 matches. The team defeated Punjab by 6 wickets, Rajasthan by 45 runs, Kolkata by 18 runs and Bangalore by 69 runs. Then Sunrisers Hyderabad defeated by 7 wickets. Whereas Mumbai lost by 4 wickets and Delhi by 7 wickets. The third place in the table is of Virat Kohli’s team Royal Challengers Bangalore, who won 5 out of 7 matches. RCB beat Mumbai by two wickets and Hyderabad by 6 runs, beat Kolkata by 38 runs and Rajasthan by 10 wickets. Apart from this, beat Delhi by 1 run. On the other hand, they lost to Punjab by 34 runs and from Chennai by 69 runs.

Played maximum 8 matches but Punjab won only three

Rohit Sharma’s team and five-time champion Mumbai Indians occupy the fourth place in the points table. In the four matches that the team won, they beat Kolkata by 10 runs and Hyderabad by 13 runs, while defeating Rajasthan by 7 wickets and Chennai by 4 wickets. Mumbai beat Punjab by 9 wickets and Delhi by 6 wickets while Bangalore beat them by 2 wickets. The fifth place in the table belongs to Rajasthan Royals. The team won three out of 7 matches. In this, Hyderabad was defeated by 55 runs, Delhi by three wickets and Kolkata by 6 wickets. Mumbai by 7 wickets, Bangalore by 10 wickets, Chennai by 45 runs and Punjab by 4 runs defeated Rajasthan.

Delhi beat Hyderabad in super over

The team of KL Rahul led Punjab (Punjab Kings) is at the sixth position in the table. The team has won 3 out of 8 matches. In this, they defeated Rajasthan by 4 runs, Mumbai by 9 wickets and Bangalore by 34 runs. At the same time, Delhi won by 7 wickets, Kolkata by 5 wickets, Hyderabad by 9 wickets, Delhi by 6 wickets, Chennai by 6 wickets. The team of Kolkata Knight Riders is in the table at number seven. He has won two out of seven matches. The team defeated Punjab by 5 wickets and Hyderabad by 10 runs while they were defeated by Mumbai by 10 runs, Bangalore by 38 runs, Chennai by 18 runs, Rajasthan by 6 wickets and Delhi by 7 wickets. At the bottom of the points table i.e. at number eight is the team of Hyderabad (Sunrisers Hyderabad), which won only one match out of 7. In this match, he defeated Punjab by 9 wickets. On the other hand, Kolkata defeated Hyderabad by 10 runs, Bangalore by 6 runs, Mumbai by 13 runs, Delhi by Super Over, Chennai by 7 wickets and Rajasthan by 55 runs.


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