IPL 2021: The team of ‘Baazigar’ also turned out to be ‘Baazigar’, although Oen Morgan had warned the rest of the teams about what happened in UAE

IPL 2021: 'बाजीगर' की टीम भी 'बाजीगर' ही निकली, वैसे UAE में जो हुआ उसे लेकर ऑएन मॉर्गन ने बाकी टीमों को चेताया था

Kolkata Knight Riders – The team that won the match

Shahrukh Khan is the juggler of Bollywood. And now in the UAE edition of IPL 2021, his team has also emerged as a juggler. Who knew that this team, looking laggy in the first half of the league, would also be seen reaching the playoffs of the tournament. But, when the location changed, only the attitude of Kolkata Knight Riders changed. The team that was losing got addicted to winning. And, now it is one of the top four teams. By the way, captain Ouen Morgan had already warned the rest of the teams about the game that KKR showed in the UAE. But, despite that, it seems that Kolkata was taken lightly by the rest of the teams, for which they had to bear the brunt.

He will tell what Oen Morgan warned by saying. But before that, just understand the difference between the first half and second half of Kolkata’s IPL 2021. In the first half of IPL 2021, Kolkata team played 7 matches, in which they could win only 2. In this way he had only 4 points in total. Till this time hardly anyone thought that the team of Bollywood’s Baazigar would emerge as a real Baazikar. But, after 5 months, when the mood of the place, the ground and the weather changed, everything changed.

Won 5 out of 7 matches in the second half

Kolkata Knight Riders had to win at least 5 or 6 out of their remaining 7 matches of the group stage in the second half of IPL 2021 in UAE to advance to the playoffs. The team of Kolkata did this work with great care. He managed to win not 6 but 5. That is, the Knight Riders, who won only 2 matches out of the first 7 matches, won 5 out of their next 7 matches. And, thus he secured 14 points in the points table with 7 wins in 14 matches. These 14 points have cleared the way for them to play the playoffs.

Auen Morgan warned!

However, KKR have reversed these two defeats, before the start of the second half of the league in UAE, their captain Ouen Morgan had warned about them. Keeping in mind the failure in the first half, he said that “KKR has now become a dangerous team, which has nothing to lose. If she comes out on the field, she will achieve something.” Morgan’s words finally turned out to be true. Kolkata Knight Riders, turning the winds, achieved a really big success in the second half of IPL 2021, due to which the condition of teams like Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan has shown bad.

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