IPL 2021: Dhoni finished the match by adopting Sehwag’s method, after defeating Delhi, the truth was told

IPL 2021: धोनी ने सहवाग वाला तरीका अपनाकर फिनिश किया मैच, दिल्ली को हराने के बाद बयां की सच्चाई

Dhoni scored an unbeaten 18 runs in 6 balls. Includes 1 six, 3 fours. (Photo:

By the way, Dhoni has no match in winning the match. He is not just called the greatest finisher. But, in the first qualifier of IPL 2021, he pulled out Delhi not in his own way but in the way of explosive Virender Sehwag. Dhoni tried Sehwag’s fund in batting and got a ticket for the final while playing Pant’s Delhi band. Dhoni mentioned about Sehwag trying the batting maneuvers after finishing the match against Delhi Capitals. Actually, what the cricket fans saw was an idea of ​​Dhoni’s finishing touch. But, it was about Sehwag.

MS Dhoni said after the match, “Mera was a simple funda. Look at the ball and hit it. I did the same. “What Dhoni did, his team won. He managed to finish the match. But, the method he tried was not his but Sehwag’s. On seeing the ball, it is Sehwag’s style to break it. The former Indian opener was also famous for this in world cricket.

Dhoni tried Sehwag’s method!

Dhoni further said, “Delhi bowlers were making good use of the condition. It was getting difficult for us to play him. I didn’t do anything special in the tournament. So I thought I would first see the ball and then hit it. I will first steam what the bowler is trying to do.” Dhoni got the benefit of this, the proof of which was his match-finishing innings played at a strike rate of 300.

Sehwag’s tweet on CSK’s win

After the spectacular victory of CSK, Virender Sehwag also tweeted on him in his own style. He wrote – Om Finishay Namah!

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