IPL 2021: Dhoni failed again and again in front of a ball, forgot to score runs, this season more than his runs, CSK hit sixes

IPL 2021: एक गेंद के आगे धोनी बार-बार फेल, रन बनाना भूले, इस सीजन उनके रन से ज्यादा तो CSK ने छक्के जड़ दिए

Dhoni scored only 96 runs after playing 14 matches in IPL 2021

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni). One of the big names in the cricket world. The batsman with whom the bowlers tremble. Hitting sixes for which has never been a difficult task. Rather, he enjoys waving the balls in the air and getting him to cross the boundary. But, that Midas touch of Dhoni is missing not only in IPL 2021 but from last season itself. And the reason behind this is only one ball. That one ball has made it difficult for him to stand on the pitch of IPL. Dhoni has forgotten the art of scoring runs on that ball. Even if he tries to score runs, he gets out. In IPL 2021, the condition of his batting is so bad that after all the matches of the group stage, Dhoni’s bat did not get as many runs as his team CSK hit sixes.

Chennai Super Kings has become the first team to hit 100 sixes in IPL 2021. But after playing all 14 matches of this season’s group stage, the number of runs scored by Dhoni is only 96. These runs have been scored by MS Dhoni at a very poor average of 13.7 and a useless strike rate of 95. Both his run-scoring average and strike rate do not match Dhoni’s mood. It shows how much he is struggling with his batting this season.

6 year old disease seen this season!

Dhoni’s helplessness in IPL 2021 is not just that. Rather, you can guess from it that the captain of CSK has been clean bowled 3 times so far this season. The last time he was bowled 3 times in a season was in IPL 2015. That is, after 6 years, Dhoni’s condition is so bad.

Dhoni helpless against leg spin

There is only one reason for Dhoni’s repeated failure in IPL 2021. And, that is the reason the ball, against which Dhoni’s bat becomes silent. That ball that silences Dhoni is leg spin. In IPL 2021, Dhoni has been out twice against leg spinners. During this he faced 19 balls from the leg spinner and scored 13 runs on it. Whereas Dhoni’s batting average against leg spin was only 6 and a half.

Dhoni’s helplessness against leg spin is not just about this season. Rather, this Ram story is continuing from the last season itself. Since IPL 2020, Dhoni has been out on leg spin 6 times and his batting average has been only 13.7.

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