In the T20 World Cup, the players’ families will get entry or stay out, how will the fans come to the stadium? Know what is the preparation of ICC

T20 World Cup में  खिलाड़ियों के परिवार को मिलेगी एंट्री या रहेंगे बाहर, फैंस कैसे आएंगे स्टेडियम ? जानिए क्या है ICC की तैयारी

ICC T20 World Cup is starting from this month.

The T20 World Cup is to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman from 17 October to 14 November. Last year also the World Cup was to be played but due to COVID it had to be postponed. This time also the threat of COVID is not over and hence the ICC is taking precautions regarding the organization of the World Cup. This World Cup was to be held in India but due to COVID it is being organized outside India. Although 94 percent of the people in the UAE took the first dose of the vaccine, the ICC is in no mood to take any hesitation. Alex Marshal, head of the ICC’s Integrity and Biosafety Unit, has told how the ICC has made a plan to deal with COVID and its threat so that the T20 World Cup can be organized successfully. Marshall answered many questions of journalists in this regard.

According to the report of the website ESPNcricinfo, Marshall has told that if a player comes to COVID positive before or in the middle of the World Cup, then he will be sent to isolation for 10 days. He has told that the player who comes in close contact of COVID-19 positive player will have to stay in isolation for six days. For this too, however, he has marked some things. He has said that those close contact people will be sent in isolation for six days who may have come in contact with the infected player 48 hours before the test and will not be wearing a mask. At the same time, those who have come in contact with the infected person 24 hours before and wearing a mask will also be considered as close contact.

Punishment will be given for bio bubble violation

On what punishment will be given to a person who violates the bio bubble, Marshall said that no fixed guidelines have been prepared in this regard but he has said that it will be serious. He said, “So far no fixed guidelines have been made in this regard, but this is something that the team management should take very seriously. We don’t want any kind of violation. We don’t even think that this will happen. We understand that people will understand how important this is, but we expect the team management and their team to strictly follow the rules.”

These rules are about family

Marshall has also given rules regarding taking the families of the players along. He said, “The small family will be allowed to live together. But they also have to follow the same rules that the players will do. Being with family members reduces the pressure a lot and makes the player feel good too. We have seen this in other tournaments also like IPL.

This is the rule regarding the audience

Marshall was asked if the audience needed to take a double dose of the vaccine. So he replied, “Fans have to follow the rules of the local government regarding vaccination. Fans are required to take both doses in Oman and Abu Dhabi, but this is not the case in Dubai and Sharjah. Fans will have to come to the stadium wearing masks.

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