Former England captain made sharp questions to his own board, said- Why did you send the concern of players’ fatigue to IPL?

IPL 2021 के लिए तो गुड न्यूज़ बन गया, इंग्लैंड क्रिकेट टीम का पाकिस्तान ना जाने का फैसला

The England Cricket Board has decided to cancel its tour of Pakistan. Due to this, players playing in IPL have got a chance to play playoff matches.

England’s decision not to go to Pakistan was good for IPL

The England cricket team was about to go on a tour of Pakistan after 16 years. However, he decided to cancel the tour before it even started. The ECB cited growing concerns about travel in Pakistan as the reason for this. Apart from this, he had also cited the fatigue of the players as a reason before the T20 World Cup to be held in the UAE.

This decision of the ECB is not pleasing to former England captain Michael Aarthon. He considered this decision even worse than India’s decision to cancel the Manchester Test. He has also dragged the IPL in this whole matter. He says that if the fatigue of the players is the issue then why are the players of England playing in the IPL.

Aarthton not happy with England players playing in IPL

“It is strange to give a reason for the well being of the players because the ECB has cut players’ travel and cricketing engagements for three months so that they can play the IPL,” Aarthton wrote in ‘The Times’. “As an employer, if they were so concerned about bubbles and fatigue, they should have shown more interest in the availability of players in the IPL. Now the players are available for the knockout stage. It suits India and England but not Pakistan because their players are not in IPL.

Aarthon called the ECB’s decision wrong

He further said about this decision, ‘This decision is worse than the withdrawal of the series against South Africa and also the withdrawal of India from the Manchester Test. The fear of Corona can still be understood in these decisions. The anger among Pakistan fans against England is true. England took this decision without any solid reason.

Aarthton says that England had a chance to set an example this time. He said, ‘England cricket, its management and players had a chance to come forward and make the right decision and set an example. He had a chance to stand with a country which has faced such difficulties which we and you cannot even imagine. ECB took the wrong decision by canceling the tour.

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