First captain to defeat Dhoni in IPL final, whose pride was associated with controversies, international player to take 1001 wickets

IPL फाइनल में धोनी को हराने वाला पहला कप्तान, विवादों से जुड़ी रही जिसकी शान, 1001 विकेट लेने वाला इंटरनेशनल खिलाड़ी

During the tour of Sri Lanka in the year 2003-04, he had uprooted 26 wickets in the 3-Test series. He played his last international match against England.

In the year 2008, Rajasthan Royals won the first season of IPL under the captaincy of Shane Warne.

It is said that the skill of the player speaks. The skill of Shane Warne was also similar, due to which he raised the flag of leg spin on the chest of world cricket. Forced good batting batsmen to kneel. Whose popularity crossed the boundaries of Australia. Today is the birthday of that great bowler. Shane Warne was born in 1969, today i.e. on 13th September. There are many stages in the life story of this great Australian leg-spinner. It has all the thrill, drama, action and suspense. Will describe Shane Warne’s successes in international cricket. But before that, let us tell you one thing that he is the first captain to defeat MS Dhoni in the IPL final. Yes, even after that Dhoni managed to win IPL 3 times. But, in the final of the very first season of the league, his team Chennai Super Kings had to face defeat at the hands of Shane Warne-led Rajasthan Royals. Simply put, the captain who made Rajasthan Royals the first IPL champion was Shane Warne.

Shane Warne, who turned 52, gave 15 years of his life to international cricket. His international career, which started with a Test match against India in 1992, ended with the historic victory in the 2007 Ashes series against England. During this, Warne took 1001 wickets and in doing so became the second bowler in the world to take the most wickets. Warne has taken 708 wickets in Test cricket and 293 wickets in ODI cricket. Meanwhile, in 2003, he tasted the taste of becoming the World Champion in ODIs. He took 34 wickets in the Ashes series played on Test cricket pitch in the year 1993, took 27 wickets against England in 1994-95, 24 wickets in 1997 and 31 wickets in 2001. Even in the meantime, when he went on the tour of Sri Lanka in 2003-04, he also uprooted 26 wickets in the 3-Test series there.

Shane Warne is also remembered in international cricket for his ball, which got the ball of the century award. This ball was thrown by Shane Warne during the 1993 tour of England in the Test played at Old Trafford. This ball was the perfect example of leg spin, on which England batsman Mike Gatting was badly dodged.

Controversy over Shaan’s story

Shane Warne is one of those players who if he gets success, then the controversy also goes along with him. It means to say that the story of his pride has been flooded with controversies. In 1998, he was accused of giving money to the bookie and giving information about the pitch and weather. During the 1999 World Cup, he was banned for two matches with Fine because he had said in a newspaper that there was a lot of hatred between Sri Lanka captain Arjuna Ranatunga. He had a drug test just before the 2003 World Cup, in which he failed and was sent back to the Baron’s home. Along with this, he also had to face a one-year ban. In a league match played in 2013, he was fined and banned for one match for using abusive language.

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