Entered India and hit a century and defeated Team India, called second Saeed Anwar but greed ended his career

भारत में घुसकर शतक ठोका और टीम इंडिया को हराया, कहलाया दूसरा सईद अनवर लेकिन लालच ने खत्म कर दिया करियर

Salman Butt is the former captain of Pakistan

When the black exploits of cricket are counted, then the name of spot-fixing done by the players of Pakistan in 2010 will definitely come. This scandal ended the career of some of the best players of Pakistan. These players felt like that old form, that old talent was never seen again. All this happened under the leadership of the then captain of Pakistan, Salman Butt. Under the captaincy of Salman, some players of Pakistan were found doing spot-fixing and their career was over. Today Salman’s talk is because today is his birthday. This left-handed batsman, called the second Saeed Anwar in Pakistan, was born on 7 October 1984 in Lahore. Salman earned a lot of name with his brilliant batting.

Salman’s batting was considered beautiful. Especially the way he used to play shots on the off side using his wrists. There were many fans of Salman’s batting and he was called the second Saeed Anwar. He had shown a glimpse of it in the early days of his career. Salman scored his first ODI century against arch-rivals India. With this century, Pakistan had defeated India. He scored a century in the sixth match of his career, which was his first match against India. In this match played at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens, Salman scored an unbeaten 108 runs. A year later, Salman scored his first Test century and this time the land was Australia’s. At the Sydney Cricket Ground, only 108 runs were scored from Salman’s bat, that is, the same figure of the first century in ODIs and Tests.

appointed captain

The kind of talent that Salman had, he continued to prove useful for the team. From Tests to ODIs and T20s, he did well in every format. The effect of his talent was that even his biggest flaw was ignored by the selectors. His drawback was the lack of consistency. The board’s anger erupted over the senior players during the team’s 2009-10 tour of Australia. Meanwhile, Salman was made the vice-captain of the team for the Asia Cup and the 2010 tour of England. Later Shahid Afridi was appointed as the captain of the Test team. Under his captaincy, the team won against Australia and England.

ruined career

All was going well for Butt but in February 2011, his career was eclipsed due to spot-fixing. Due to being found guilty in this case, the ICC banned him for 10 years. This matter of spot-fixing was from the 2010 England tour of the Pakistan team, that too in the Test match played at Lord’s ground, which is called the Mecca of cricket, after this, in October, Southwark Crown Court accused Salman of cheating and taking money wrongly. found guilty of From here Salan’s career went to the verge of ruin.

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