England’s strong player arrested after a fight outside the nightclub, broke his hand while punching, out of the team!

इंग्लैंड का धाकड़ खिलाड़ी नाइट क्लब के बाहर झगड़े के बाद अरेस्ट, मुक्के मारते हुए हाथ टूटा, टीम से बाहर!

Ben Stokes and Alex Hales were involved in the Bristol nightclub controversy

This case had a deep impact on the cricketer, but leaving this controversy behind, he made a strong comeback on the cricket field and showed a great game.

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There have been many controversies in cricket. Cricketers are also involved in many controversies. Sometimes inside the field and sometimes outside the field and they have to face severe punishment for it. This includes going out of the team, staying away from important series. An England player was also dropped from the team due to a dispute and did not even play in a major series. We are talking about England all-rounder Ben Stokes. Stokes was caught in such a case in 2017, on this day i.e. 26 September, that he was shown the way out by the England and Wales Cricket Board. The result was that Stokes had to stay out of the Ashes series played after this.

The matter was of a nightclub where Stokes was fighting with two people. Here with him was his England teammate Alex Hales. Both were suspended by the ECB. Stokes was the vice-captain of the Test team at that time. He was arrested after this incident outside a nightclub in Bristol. Later a video of the incident also surfaced in which Stokes can be seen scuffles. Stokes’ hand was also injured in this incident. Stokes had to spend the night in jail but was then released as the investigation continued.

this was the incident

Stokes was in a drunken state at a nightclub in Bristol when he had a scuffle with two men. Stokes had beaten two people very badly. These two were gay couples. Both of them were admitted to the hospital. Those who had beaten Stokes said that Stokes made fun of both of them. At the same time, Stokes said that he was not joking but was trying to help. Later, however, Stokes was acquitted of the case. A total of three people were made accused in the case.

Stokes made a great comeback

All these controversies had a profound effect on Stokes but he never let it affect his game. Leaving this controversy behind, he made a strong comeback and played a match-winning innings in the next Ashes series at Headingley. Along with this, he also showed a strong game in the 2019 World Cup. Everyone remembers his brilliant batting in the final. England won the World Cup for the first time by defeating New Zealand in the final.

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