Chris Gayle lashed out at the legend of his own country, said – go and say, I do not respect him

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Chris Gayle selected in West Indies squad for T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is starting in a few days from now. Every team wants to win this title. West Indies has lifted this trophy twice and this time also it is considered a contender. But before that the turmoil in West Indies cricket has started. Two greats of West Indies have come face to face. This ruckus has broken out due to the existence of Chris Gayle in the T20 World Cup team. Many people are raising questions about his usefulness in the team. Gayle has now taken those people against him. In this, the name of former West Indies fast bowler Curtly Ambrose is prominent. Gayle has made sharp attacks on Ambrose and said that his aim is to attract people’s attention.

Ambrose had said about Gayle that Gayle is not the team’s first choice in the last-11 in the World Cup. Gayle said on radio station The Iceland Tea Morning Show on Tuesday morning, “I can tell you this in private and you can tell him that the Universe boss Chris Gayle doesn’t respect Ambrose. I’m talking about Ambrose. I’m pointing to Ambrose. your own. When I came to the West Indies team, I had a lot of respect for him. When I came in the team, I used to take inspiration from him. But I am speaking my heart. I don’t know why he keeps speaking against Gayle ever since he retired. The negative things they say in the media, I don’t know if they want to attract attention, but they get people’s attention. That’s why I am giving them the attention they want.”

Need time to respond

Cricbuzz has written in its report that when Ambrose was asked for his response in this matter, he said that he needed time for this. He said, “I will react but what he has said that I need to look at it carefully. Your thoughts need to be together. When I am ready to respond, I will message you.”

Gayle expressed his intention

Gayle did not stop. He continued to comment on Ambrose. He said, “My relationship with Ambrose is over. I have no respect for them in my heart. Whenever I will meet him, I will say that stop being so negative, support the team before the World Cup. This team has been selected and now we need to support the team. We need this. We don’t want negative energy. In other teams, their former players support their team. Why can’t our team players do this? We have won the World Cup twice and we are going to try to win the third time. The team is watching what is happening. This will affect the team. If former players are negative about the team, then Chris Gayle will not respect them.

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