Big statement of former Pakistan bowler, said- Kohli is not even close to Sachin, Babar’s batting is like Tendulkar

पाकिस्तान के पूर्व गेंदबाज का बड़ा बयान, कहा- कोहली तो सचिन के आस-पास तक नहीं, बाबर की बल्लेबाजी तेंदुलकर जैसी

Sachin and Virat Kohli are often compared in the current era.

In the current era, Virat Kohli is counted among the great batsmen. He has made many new records with his bat and has broken many records. It is said that if anyone breaks the records of the great batsman Sachin Tendulkar, then only Sachin will break it. Many times he is compared with Sachin. But a former Pakistan bowler does not like to compare Kohli with Sachin. The name of this former player of Pakistan is Mohammad Asif. Asif has given a big statement regarding the comparison of Kohli and Sachin. Asif has said that the comparison of Kohli with Sachin is not right because the Indian captain is not even close to Sachin. But he has described Babar Azam of his country like Sachin.

Sachin has 100 international hundreds to his name. He is the only cricketer so far to achieve this position. Ever since Kohli has stepped into international cricket, he is compared to Sachin. Recently, Pakistan captain Babar Azam was also compared to Sachin. Asif has given his nod to this as well. He has said that outside, he is like Sachin. He has also given reasons behind his statements.

Appreciated Kohli’s fitness

Asif said on YouTube channel Coverdrive, “Kohli plays more than bottom hand. He is doing well because his fitness is superb. The moment Kohli goes down in his career, I don’t think he will be able to make a comeback. Babar, however, is a player using the upper hand like Sachin. His bat moves like Sachin. People say that Kohli is better than Sachin. I say no. Virat is not even equal to Sachin. The way Sachin used to play, he used to use his upperhand. Very few people know about his technique. Be it a coach or a player. Sachin’s cover drive was superb as well as his pull. There is no doubt that Kohli’s shots are good, but he is a player who uses the bottom hand a lot.

30 centuries away from Sachin

If we look at the record of international centuries of Sachin and Kohli, then Kohli is just 30 centuries away from the former captain of India, Sachin has 100 international centuries, while Kohli has 70. Kohli is scoring runs at this time but is struggling with the drought of centuries. He has not scored a single century since 2019 and that is why he has come under target of some people. Kohli has 43 centuries in ODIs and he is six centuries away from Sachin here, but in Tests, Kohli has a long way to go. Kohli has 27 centuries in Tests and Sachin has 51 centuries.

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