Big changes regarding Commonwealth Games games, T20 cricket included in core list, know what are the rest of the changes

कॉमनवेल्थ गेम्स के खेलों को लेकर बड़ा बदलाव, T20 क्रिकेट कोर लिस्ट में शामिल, जानिए क्या हैं बाकी तब्दीलियां

Athletics is one of the main sports of the Commonwealth Games.

Athletics and Aquatics will be the only two compulsory sports in the Commonwealth Games from 2026, giving the host cities the freedom to include sports of their choice from the core list. Core sports include T20 cricket and triplex basketball. This roster was approved in the online meeting of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) General Assembly. “The Commonwealth Games 2026-2030 strategic blueprint invites future hosts to implement new concepts to enhance the benefits of hosting and make the Games more cost-effective, engaging new audiences,” the CGF statement said. Including co-hosting and organizing a large number of representational competitions. As part of the ongoing consultations with international federations, the ambition is to have a revised sports schedule that will give hosts more flexibility to choose from a wider list of core sports.

Core sports include T20 cricket, beach volleyball and triplex basketball, which were previously optional sports. The core list of fifteen sports includes badminton, shooting, table tennis, wrestling (freestyle) and hockey. “This will allow hosts to propose entirely new games that are related to their country or culture,” the CGF said. This will increase cultural performance and community engagement. The CGF has recommended that around 15 sports will be held during the Games. The search for the 2026 host of these games is still on, while in 2022 these games will be held in Birmingham. Shooting has been removed from the Birmingham Games while T20 Women’s cricket has been included.

and what have changed

In line with other accepted recommendations, the roster states that the Para sports program will continue to be an integral part of these sports. “Prospective hosts in the future will be encouraged to consider an alternative game village, without the need to house the players in a newly constructed venue or in the same location,” the CGF said.

CGF President Dame Louise Martin said there was a need to innovate in the competitions. To ensure that we retain our relevance and prestige in the Commonwealth, our games need to be adapted, developed and modernised. Our next step is to work closely with our international federation partners to ensure that they contribute to the roster to outline the future of the Games.

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