Before the T20 World Cup, he is not worried about his form, this stalwart, who failed in the IPL, said – did not get the opportunity

T20 World Cup से पहले अपनी फॉर्म को लेकर परेशान नहीं है IPL में फेल होने वाला ये धुरंधर, कहा- मौके ही नहीं मिले

Nicholas Pooran’s IPL-2021 did not go well

The West Indies team has won the T20 World Cup twice. This time too he is a strong contender. The reason for this is the team. West Indies have a team that can do anything at any time. An important player of his team is Nicholas Pooran. He is the vice-captain of the team. However, the current form of Pooran is not good. He was playing with Punjab Kings in IPL-2021 (IPL 2021) but his bat was calm, but Pooran is not worried about this. He says that his form before the T20 World Cup is not a problem for him at all. This season Pooran played 12 matches and could only score 85 runs in total.

The website ESPNcricinfo quoted Puran as saying, “IPL is over. It’s over for me. I have refocused my attention I know I have let myself down. I think I was too hasty to get the result and paid the price. You can see this in my score. Now this is a matter for me to pay attention to again. I will work on the nets. I will work hard, I will plan. It’s a simple matter.”

Trust in the form of CPL

Pooran has said that his stellar record in domestic cricket and his stellar form playing with the Guyana Amazon Warriors in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) show that not scoring runs in the IPL was a minor incident. Pooran said that he had played fewer balls in the IPL, so it is not that his performance cannot be called form. He said, “I am not worried about anything. My cricket is based on confidence and my intention. I had scored 20 runs in six-seven matches in the first season. I scored well in the last three series I played for West Indies and then did a good job in the CPL as well. It’s a matter of process. I am confident of following the process. My confidence is very high. I don’t have any doubts in my mind.”

This happens to many players

Pooran said that this happens with many players. He said, “It’s a game. Many players and cricketers have seen bad times, but it is okay. For all cricketers this time comes and they come out of it. I wouldn’t say it was my patch. I came in the second half of the IPL batting well in the CPL. This form is not for me. When you think about it, you will see that I have not played many balls. It’s just a matter of giving myself a chance.”

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