After RCB’s journey in IPL 2021 came to a halt, Glenn Maxwell said his heart, warned certain types of people

IPL 2021 में RCB का सफर थमने के बाद ग्लेन मैक्सवेल ने कही दिल की बात, कुछ खास किस्म के लोगों को दी चेतावनी

Glenn Maxwell has scored more than 500 runs for RCB in IPL 2021.

RCB’s journey in IPL 2021 has come to an end. This team traveled to the playoffs in the tournament. The Eliminator match played against Kolkata Knight Riders proved to be the last match for this team. However, as soon as the journey came to an end, the words of the players started coming on the tongue too. And, what can be a better platform than social media to express the things of your heart. Glenn Maxwell did the same. He shared his experiences related to RCB in IPL 2021 on Instagram. Along with this, he was also seen warning certain types of people.

Glenn Maxwell wrote in his Instagram story, “Had a good season for RCB. We ended up with just a little less than we thought. But that doesn’t mean that this season hasn’t gone well for us. But still some such things are happening on social media, which are very embarrassing. They should understand that we are also human beings. And think of giving my best every day. In such a situation, such people are requested to stop using abusive language and become a civilized person.

Warned those using abusive language on social media

He further wrote, “Many thanks to the real fans of RCB for their support. There are some useless people who have just turned social media into a scary place. This is unbearable. He is requested not to do that, nor to become. If you abuse any of my teammates or friends on social media, you will be blocked by each of us. What is the use of being rude? There is no place for forgiveness for such people.”

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