30-year-old bowler’s nuisance, uprooted feet of 7 batsmen, hit one on the head, clashed between the wickets, got a big punishment

30 साल के गेंदबाज का उपद्रव, 7 बल्लेबाजों के उखाड़े पांव, एक के सिर पर मारा, एक से विकेटों के बीच भिड़ा, मिली बड़ी सजा

Jon Snow took 202 wickets in 49 Tests he played for England.

By the way, cricket is called a gentleman’s game. But, there have been a lot of spoiled players in this game too. Many times this gentleman game has been tainted due to such players. But the disturbance created by the 30-year-old bowler is a bit different. He has uprooted the feet of 7 batsmen, even hit a batsman on his head with the ball, but, cricket was not tainted by all this. Rather, it is the disturbance created by him, which increases the pride of a bowler on the field. The fear of his name arises in the minds of the batsmen. We are talking about John Snow, one of England’s best fast bowlers in the 60s, who wreaked havoc for England at the age of 30. Born on October 13, 1941, right-arm fast bowler Jon Snow’s 80th birthday is today.

Jon Snow made his debut for England at the age of 24 against New Zealand in 1965. But his real game was seen at the age of 30 i.e. in the year 1971. At this age, they did many amazing and amazing things together. He also hit a batsman on the head with the ball on the ground where he performed the best of his Test career. Not only this, in 1971, the controversy between Jon Snow and Sunil Gavaskar also made a lot of headlines, for which Jon Snow also got a big punishment.

The batsman hit the ground on which the best was given

In the 1971 Ashes series against Australia in Sydney, in the second innings of the fourth Test, Jon Snow dismissed 7 batsmen for 40 runs. This was the best performance of his career. In this entire match, Jon Snow took 8 wickets. England won this test by 299 runs. In the 7th Test of the same series which was played in Sydney itself, England won by 62 runs. Jon Snow took 2 wickets in this match. But in this test, he was in the news because of one of his bouncers. His bouncer had also hit the head of Australian batsman Terry Jenner. However, this did not hurt Terry Jenner much. But, after this incident, a spectator sitting in the stadium got down on the field and grabbed his collar. This happened when he was fielding on the boundary line.

Punishment for entanglement with Gavaskar!

John Snow has also had to face the punishment of being out of the England team due to the behavior of Sunil Gavaskar on the field. This incident is also related to India’s tour of England in 1971. When India won the first Test series in England in 1971, then 30-year-old Jon Snow became a hindrance to Gavaskar while taking runs during the third Test of the same series. Snow did this intentionally. Snow later apologized for his actions, but could not save himself from being punished for being out of two matches instead.

took 202 wickets in 49 Tests

Jon Snow played a total of 49 Tests for England, in which he took 202 wickets at an average of 26.66. He also played 9 ODIs, taking 14 wickets. When the Kerry Packer series emerged as a new revolution in cricket in 1976-77, Jon Snow also became a part of it. He earned a lot of money by playing in the Kerry Packer series. And when he left cricket, he set up his own travel agency with that money. As much as Jon Snow was a great cricketer, he was also a great poet.

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