1 catch, 3 fielders, still not enough… Watch this video in LIVE match

1 कैच, 3 फील्डर, फिर भी नाकाफी... LIVE मैच में बना गजब सीन, ये VIDEO देखिए

Strange attempt to take a catch in the Marsh Cup!

You must have heard the saying of one pomegranate, hundred sick. Since cricket is a game of 11 players, it is not 100 but 3 players must have looked sick, there was a catch behind that pomegranate. The batsman played the shot. The ball swayed in the air and went towards the boundary line. First one fielder caught, then the second and then the third. But behind this one catch, all the efforts of these three fielders proved insufficient. The result was that where the wicket should have fallen, there was a surprising scene, which was captured by the cameras on the ground.

This entire scene was created in the List A match being played in the Marsh Cup, which was played between South Australia and Queensland in Adelaide. In the match, South Australia’s team had batted first, which had scored 391 runs for 8 wickets in 48 overs thanks to 230 runs made by their captain Travis Head. Queensland got the target of 380 runs in 44 overs by the Duckworth-Lewis rule, chasing it, they were all out for 312 runs in 40.3 overs. And, lost the match by 67 runs.

1 catch, 3 fielders, still not enough

Now during this match, when the 37th over of Queensland’s innings was going on and its score was 284 runs for 7 wickets, only then a batsman named Michael Nasser played a big shot. The ball was seen waving in the air and going across the boundary line. However, then he was caught by a fielder from South Australia. But due to not being able to control himself, he again tossed the ball in the air, so that it would not go beyond the boundary line for it. When the ball went into the air again, it was seen falling across the boundary line. Seeing this happening, another fielder pushed him inside with his hands. After this, the third fielder present there caught him, but when he did so, he did not cross the boundary line. The result was that all the efforts of the three were in vain.

However, if you watch this video carefully, then you will know that the first fielder with the ball had gone across the boundary line. That is, the real mess had happened there, in return for which the wickets of the opposing team did not fall, but half a dozen runs were definitely found.

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