Skin care: Do not forget these mistakes in skincare routine, skin can be dry and lifeless

Skin care : स्किनकेयर रूटीन में भूलकर न करें ये गलतियां, त्वचा हो सकती है रूखी और बेजान

Those with dry skin need to take special care of themselves. Skin problems can increase especially during the monsoon season. During this, some people make common mistakes to get radiant skin.


Most of the people go through skin related problems and use a variety of products to get perfect skin. We use different products to get flawless skin. But sometimes following a skin care routine excessively can make the skin look dry and lifeless. There can be many reasons behind dry skin.

Everyone wants a glowing and glowing skin. Many people make a common mistake to get radiant skin. If you want flawless skin, then avoid making these mistakes in your skin care routine. Let us know without delay which mistakes should be avoided so that your skin does not become dry and lifeless.


Excess cleansing can lead to itching and dryness of the skin. Although cleansing is essential for skincare. But over-cleansing dry skin is harmful. While choosing a cleansing product, definitely pay attention to the moisturizing ingredients in it.

don’t forget to apply mist

Mist is very important in any skincare routine. It helps to keep your skin moisturized. After cleansing the skin with a cleanser, apply mist on the face. It helps to keep your dry skin hydrated and moisturized.

Choose the right skincare products

Some products always dominate the beauty trend. This does not mean that you started following that trend. Always choose products according to your skin type, otherwise the skin may get damaged. Do not apply different products at the same time. Follow any products after consulting your doctor.

Do not exfoliate excessively

We have a moisturizing exfoliator available, this does not mean that you should exfoliate your skin excessively. This can damage your skin. Exfoliation in excess can cause skin dryness, rashes and other problems. The right amount of exfoliation is essential for all skin types.

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