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Wedding Planning: If you want to have a bang wedding in a low budget then try these 5 tips

Wedding Planning : कम बजट में करनी है धमाकेदार शादी तो ये 5 टिप्स आजमाएं

Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable forever, but everyone’s budget is limited, so it is not possible for everyone to fulfill this dream. Know here such tips that can make a wedding bang even in a low budget.

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Whether it is a girl’s or a boy’s wedding, everyone wants to make their marriage a bang so that even after years, the guests can not forget the beauty of their marriage. But it is not possible for everyone to fulfill this dream of marriage because everyone has a limited budget. Money flows like water in everything from wedding shopping to booking and decoration of venue and menu. But if you want, you can collect the applause of the people even with a low budget. For this, you have to follow the tips given here. Know how to make a wedding memorable in a low budget.

1. Instead of booking expensive wedding venues, book normal venues. But make it so special with the decoration there that the viewers do not get tired of applauding. For decoration, you should get fabric based decoration instead of flowers because the decoration of flowers is very expensive. Fabric based decoration is economical as well as beautiful.

2. Empty space in the venue does not look good, so keep a round table or some decorative thing in the center at such places. That thing will become the center of attraction for the people.

3. Nowadays, the plate system has run in the marriage home, which is also very expensive at times and the food is also not to the liking. In such a situation, taking the idea of ​​the guests coming to the wedding, get the food prepared by a confectioner or chef and book good caterers. This will also cost less money and the quality and quality will also be higher.

4. It is better to rent a lehenga than to spend a substantial amount on buying a wedding lehenga for a girl. You will get a very luxurious lehenga on rent up to 10 thousand. If you go to buy a lehenga, then it is difficult to find a good bridal lehenga for less than 25 thousand.

5. The trend of the card is now out of date, so do not spend money in the card. Send a digital invite. These days very beautiful video and digital cards can be easily made at home or for less money than a professional person. This saves a lot of money.

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