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The rapper removed his hair and put a gold chain on his head, everyone was stunned to hear the news

रैपर ने बाल हटवाकर सिर में लगवाई सोने की चेन, खबर सुन हर कोई रह गया दंग

Every person wants that he looks a little different from the rest, so many people do not hesitate to undergo surgery. These days a rapper is also in a lot of discussion due to his style. Actually, this rapper has got gold chains done instead of hair in his scalp after undergoing surgery.

Rapper Dan Sur has also shared his new look through social media.

Every rapper around the world has a very attractive outfit. That’s why the attention of most people goes towards them. Nowadays, many fans leave no stone unturned to follow the style of their favorite rapper. Actually every rapper makes a special place in the hearts of people due to his different style. Meanwhile, a rapper from Mexico has got a gold chain in his skull. Instead of hair, tufts of gold chains are seen hanging from the head of this Mexican rapper named Dan Sur.

It is being told in a report that the rapper has undergone an operation and got bunches of gold chain instead of hair on his scalp. These gold flakes hanging from his head are completely covering up to the face. Rapper Dan Sur has also shared his new look through social media. The rapper said that a hook has been put in my head. These gold chains are attached with the same hook. The rapper also claimed that this interesting look has helped him forge a new path in his music career.

Pictures and videos of Dan Sur’s new look are becoming fiercely viral on social media. Dan Sur said that the truth is that I wanted to do something because I see that everyone colors their hair. In such a situation, I hope that now everyone will not copy me. Dan Sun is also convinced that he is the first person in the world to have a gold chain on his skull. They have even used gold in their teeth. After all his pictures and videos went viral on both Instagram and Tiktok, he became the reason for the interest of the people.

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