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The mistress gave a gold locket of 4 lakhs to the cat on her birthday, such is the lifestyle

A woman in Malaysia recently celebrated the fourth birthday of her pet cat, which has been the subject of discussion in foreign media. Actually, the locket gifted by this woman to her cat on her birthday is worth Rs 4 lakh.

Photo of a cat wearing a gold locket went viral

In the houses where there are pets, the people of that place treat and caress these voiceless like a member of their family. It would not be wrong to say that half the life of animal lovers resides in them. They can go to any extent for their pet. A similar case has come to light from Malaysia. Here a woman had bought a cat from a pet shop. Since then she has spent lakhs on his care. The woman has recently celebrated the cat’s fourth birthday, which remains a topic of discussion in the foreign media. Actually, the locket gifted by this woman to her cat on her birthday is worth Rs 4 lakh.

Here we are talking about Malaysia’s businesswoman Halija Maysuri, who is so attached to her cat that she is ready to do anything for her. According to the report of the website Daily Star, Halija has recently celebrated the fourth birthday of her cat Money with great fanfare. Ever since the money is with Halija, this woman has spent lakhs on it. But recently everyone was shocked to know about what Halija did for money.

Let us tell you that Halija has gifted her a locket of 4 lakhs on her cat’s birthday. You must have been shocked to hear this amount. This locket is also of gold, which the common man can hardly buy. You will be surprised to know that Mani is not the only stomach in his house. Halija and her husband already have two more cats. But he is very fond of money. This is the reason why he gifted such a gift on his fourth birthday, after knowing about which everyone was stunned.

Halija’s cat Mani has a different clout on Instagram. She appears on Halija’s account every day with her new pictures. Recently, a photo of Mani appeared, in which she is seen wearing a gold locket worth 4 lakhs. The cat’s name and date of birth are written on the locket.

Halija tells that her husband is very fond of cats. They take their cats with them everywhere from holiday trips to work trips. This couple also spends thousands on the clothes of these cats. Apart from this, the cat also goes to the regular parlor. Not only this, she also enjoys spa treatments. Money is quite famous on Tiktok. Millions of views are found on his videos.

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