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Big raids against corruption in Karnataka, red in 60 places, money came out of pipes and gold bricks found somewhere

Big raids against corruption in Karnataka

When the house of a junior engineer of PWD was raided in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, bundles of notes started flowing through the pipe of the house. You must have understood so much that these are not the unaccounted property of anyone but the pictures of the unaccounted corruption spread in the country. The junior engineer of PWD got so much black money, it was difficult to hide it even in the pipe. Which was pulled out by the bureau with sticks.

Now what could not be clear from these pictures. They tell. The name of the officer from whose house black money has been caught in Kalaburagi, Karnataka is Shantha Gowda. The Anti-Corruption Bureau came to know about the bribery of the junior engineer, after which his house was raided and a total of Rs 54 lakh gold and cash was recovered from his house.

Rs 13 lakh cash came out of the pipe

Let us also tell you especially that Rs 13 lakh cash came out from the pipe from which it was seen raining notes. When the cash started being withdrawn, the bucket kept filling up. But the cash was not taking the name of running out.

Another picture of corruption from Karnataka

Another picture of corruption came out from Karnataka itself. In fact, 7 KG gold has been found, 15 lakh cash has been found from the house of T Rudrappa, Joint Director of Agriculture Department in Gadag, Karnataka. These include gold bars, coins, rings, bracelets and cash.

Anti Corruption Bureau officials raided 60 places

In fact, the officers of the Anti Corruption Bureau of Karnataka raided 60 places today and these raids were targeting 15 officers and were killed. According to ACB, this is a big raid against corruption in Karnataka. Which includes 8 SP. 100 policemen are involved and 300 officers and employees of ACB are involved and whatever is coming out in this raid is proving to be the biggest concern for the country.

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