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Beyond gold and silver medals, the lessons of humanity taught by the Olympics

When a loser applauds a winner, when he is sharing medals, when he does not lose his temper in a moment of sadness and anger, when one is emotional for the loser even after winning When someone extends a helping hand, the world becomes a little more beautiful.

Ravi Dahiya is the second Indian wrestler to reach the finals of the Olympic Games.

If it is said that the Olympics held every four years is the heartbeat of the players and sports lovers, then it will neither be a film nor an exaggeration. Only those who can feel this thrill are watching the game in the middle of the night, the heart beats in the early morning, keeping their eyes on the screen or those who start reading the morning newspaper not from the front, but from the back, where the game There are news related to

Those who do not even know the ABCD of sports, like me, may not understand sports, but understand its thrill, restlessness, nervousness, tension, passion and joy, which is felt right at the moment when there is a defeat or Victory is only a hair’s distance away. When he sacrifices himself with his whole body and soul on the playground, when just one moment is the most defining moment of life and the decision taken in that one moment is going to affect the whole life ahead. I don’t know the game, but I know the moment. That thrill, that joy, the decisiveness of that moment.

It is a matter of sports, but beyond sports, there is so much in the Olympics, which is like a book of life, which we can get a little better by reading. Like the stories that were heard in childhood and stayed with us throughout life. Like the important lessons of life, when they touch the deepest layers of our mind and soul, we ourselves do not know. A single moment of friendship, of love, of compassion, of kindness, of cooperation, of intimacy, of sportsmanship, of respect can be a decisive lesson for the whole life.

Tokyo Olympics 2020: India's Ravi Dahiya vs Russia Zaur Uguev Final match of 57 Kg Men's Freestyle Wrestling

Ravi Dahiya raised India’s pride by placing a medal bet

When a loser is clapping for the winner, when he is sharing medals, when he does not lose his temper in a moment of sadness and anger, when someone is emotional for the loser even after winning Happens when one extends a helping hand, when one chooses humanity over victory.

The Olympic Games, which began in Tokyo, Japan’s capital, from July 23 this year, brought many such moments, which carried the message of humanity, compassion, mutual respect and cooperation beyond victory and defeat and medals. The whole world got emotional seeing him on TV. People’s eyes filled with tears. The learners also learned a lesson from him. Message of humanity.

When Qatar’s athlete Mutaz Essa Barshim withdrew from the injury of his rival athlete, he won not only in sport but also in life. He didn’t just win the game, he won the heart too when Indian athlete Ravi Dahiya had his teeth in the arms of the rival Kazakh wrestler and he didn’t lose his cool in that moment with immense patience. Ravi Dahiya showed the patience which other Kazakh athlete could not show when Sushil Kumar was cut off at the London Olympics. Which Evander Holyfeld could not show when Mike Tyson was bitten.

Is it so easy to give up the almost won gold medal in the most prestigious games of the world, while it will be recorded forever in history that this medal is shared by Barshim with another athlete. It may be impossible for some, but probably not for those for whom humanity is bigger than gold medal.

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Qatar’s athletes Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tambri

Qatar’s athlete Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tambri were face to face in the men’s high jump event at the Tokyo Olympics. Both had reached the finals after passing several stages of the game and defeating the rest of the athletes. Now it was to be decided here whether Qatar would get the gold medal or Italy. High jump started. Both Barshim and Tambri jumped 2.37 metres. Both were on equal footing. Now how do you decide whether to win or lose? Officials said that both jump three more times each. Then whose performance will be better, it will be decided on that basis. Both of them jumped again, but this time too neither of them could go beyond 2.37 meters. This time too both were on equal footing. Now he was once again asked to make a high jump, but before that could happen, Gianmarco Tambri withdrew his name. He had injured his leg, due to which he was now unable to jump.

When an athlete withdrew, obviously another high jump and gold medal for Barshim. But Barshim did not do so. He let go of this golden opportunity so easily that even the onlookers were surprised. Barshim could not afford to take the medal for himself without the injury of an injured player. He went to the officials and asked, what if I withdraw my name too. Obviously, the answer of the officials was that then we will have to give gold medals to both of you.

Barshim withdrew his name. The gold medal was shared with Mutaz Essa Barshim and Gianmarco Tambri and thus Barshim wrote history. He said without saying anything that there is no medal, no victory in the world greater than humanity and compassion. The purpose of the game and its message is also that we should compete with each other and try to move forward, constantly improving ourselves, trying to improve, but what remains at the end of everything is this compassion, equality. There is only humanity, mutual cooperation and respect.

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Qatar’s athlete Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tambri after winning the gold medal

In this context, I am reminded of an incident from several decades old in Hyderabad. Children’s running competition was taking place in a stadium in Hyderabad. Those children were from an institution which was meant for mentally challenged children. That day, all the children running in that stadium were going through some kind of mental challenge. The stadium was full of parents, teachers and common people of those children. The referee blew the whistle and the children started running. Just then a girl fell while running and broke her knees. Hearing the sound of her crying, the rest of the running children suddenly stopped and they looked back. The girl was crying standing. Blood was pouring from his knees. What was then, the rest of the children left running and returned to that girl. They did not even remember that this competition is happening, forgetting everything at any cost, they just have to run and come first. They came to the girl, supported her on the shoulders and then all the children together taking that girl in slow steps reached the last point of the race.

Seeing this scene, the referee himself had tears in his eyes. The entire stadium reverberated with thunderous applause. People were overwhelmed, at the humanity of these children, their compassion, the spirit of mutual cooperation. Those children, who were retarded to the sensible world outside. His mind is not known, but his heart was in the right place.

I felt something similar that day after seeing Barshim. The brain was not known, but his heart was in the right place.

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Similarly, the infinite patience that Ravi Dahiya showed in the ring that day without getting distracted, without losing his temper, is a life lesson for everyone watching the game. Whatever happens, no matter how much trouble and difficulty comes, one should not lose patience. And every sport in the world demands courage and strength as well as immense endurance in the end, which was introduced by Ravi Dahiya on that day.

That day Ravi was playing in the 57 kg category of men’s freestyle wrestling in front of a Kazakh wrestler Nurislam Sanayev in the ring. When the match was reaching a crucial turning point. Sanayev’s shoulders were just about to touch the ground. But then Sanayev buried his teeth very fast in Ravi’s arm. The grip of those teeth was so sharp that later a piece of Ravi’s arm fell on the ground. The unbearable pain that Ravi must have suffered in that moment can only be estimated. But it’s a shame that they have got tired of it. He held down Sanayev with all his might. He endured the pain, but in that moment did not lose his temper, showing immense patience. Eventually he won. If Ravi would have given up at that time, would have gone limp, would have gone back in pain, even then the story would not have been wrong, but it would not have been what it is now. We will remember Ravi Dahiya now not only because he won the medal in the Olympics, we will also remember how he came very close to defeat and returned only on the strength of his inner strength and soul’s stamina and overturned the game.

We are proud of every athlete who has won a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, but beyond these stories of medals and victories, history will forever be the one who considered great human qualities above medals.


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