Your misfortune can be overcome by these 5 measures on Saturday

2026 तक इन राशियों को झेलना पड़ेगा शनि का प्रकोप, जानिए कहीं आप भी तो इनमें से नहीं

Shani Dev

Shani is such a planet that can make you a king by shining your luck and can ruin you and make you a rank from a king. It all depends on the position of Saturn in your horoscope. Like other planets, Saturn also transits in other signs. It takes about two and a half years for Saturn to enter from one zodiac to another. People of different zodiac have to go through different situations during the transit of Saturn.

For some, this condition is auspicious and some have to face the wrath of Shani’s Dhaiya and Sade Sati. It is believed that the inauspicious position of Shani brings disruption in the career of a person and he has to struggle in all three ways physically, mentally and financially. If all the problems in your life are going on because of Shani Dev, then through the remedies mentioned here, you can please Shani Dev and get rid of his inauspicious effects.

These remedies will remove the problems related to Saturn

worship of hanuman ji

According to mythology, Shani Dev had promised Hanuman Baba that he would never disturb his devotees. Therefore, worship Hanuman Baba on Saturday. Offer them Chola, recite Hanuman Chalisa, Sunderkand etc.

wear rudraksha

If everything is getting ruined in your life due to the bad conditions of Saturn, then you should wear Satmukhi Rudraksha after washing it with Ganges water on Saturday or Monday. In a few days, its auspicious effects will start getting and all your problems will go away.

Chant Shani Mantras

Chant these two mantras ‘Om Pram Prim Praun Sah Shanishcharaya Namah’ and ‘Om Shanishcharayai Namah’. On Saturday, at least 2 rosary to 5, 7, 9, 11 rosaries of chanting of these mantras can be done. These mantras are considered very effective. Along with this, donate to the poor and needy.

Peepal worship

Worship Peepal on Saturday. Peepal is believed to be the abode of 33 categories of deities. Along with this, Lord Krishna has described Peepal as his form. Shani Dev is also a great devotee of Lord Krishna. In such a situation, on worshiping Peepal on Saturday, they are very happy and remove the sufferings of the devotees. On Saturday, light a lamp of mustard oil and keep it under the Peepal tree.

donate mustard oil

Donate mustard oil on Saturdays. Before donating take it in a vessel and see your face in it. Then donate. By doing something like this continuously till Saturday, the problems related to Saturn go away to a great extent. Apart from this, make a paratha of mustard oil and feed it to the dog on Saturday.

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